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Romantic Getaways and Hotels in Rhode Island

Tired with the daily routine lifestyle or your partner is just unhappy about something and you desperately need to cheer her up. Be it anything, a tour to the romantic getaways in Rhode Island is just perfect to bring back that sparkle in life and smile on her lips. Get prepared for a weekend getaway that is sure to mend the feel of romance in your love life. Rhode Island has a lot more to offer than run-of-the-mill tourist destinations. You can get a slice of history, culture, entertainment, fun and enjoyment. Small romantic and attractive towns, wonderful views of nature, and a hot spot for romance; Rhode Island is just ideal for sailing in the boat of love and romance for the couples.

Top Romantic Attractions of Rhode Island

Here is a list of the top romantic getaway spots in Rhode Island. A visit to romantic getaways in Rhode Island would definitely blossom romance even in the most unexpected circumstances.

1. Newport: Newport is famous for a lot of things, and whenever someone mentions that name, various images come into the mind, the mansions, the Jazz Festival, the Americas cup, floating boat shows, and not to forget, the rich colonial heritage. The city was a very popular place with the British, and their architecture still is found on the city's buildings. The popularity amongst British and the closeness to the sea did s lot of damage during the revolution. Looking at the buildings that are still there, one cannot help wondering that those who build these marvelous mansions got the money by using slave labor, but still those mansions are masterpieces. The most romantic thing about this place is that you can just talk a walk down with your beloved and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of the architecture. More over there are a lot beautiful hotels and wonderful eateries that can be enjoyed.

2. Block Island: This Island is a major attraction for sailors because of the fine harbor. One of the top romantic destinations of Rhode Island, this one hosts the Great Salt Pond, which has a 24-foot deep and 300-foot wide channel. However, do not think that you need to be a sailor to enjoy the island. Ideally, couples can visit this island in the off-season times when there is less crowd and activity. This gives them a lot of freedom to find beautiful places to stay and wonderful things to do. This also helps in slowing the pace of life, and gives the couples a much needed time to unwind. This place has many beautiful places to stay, many lovely restaurants to discover and many fun things to do. If you can plan your trip to Block Island better, you will spend special moments with your beloved that you will never forget.

Romantic Hotels and Resorts in Rhode Island

There are a no of beautiful hotels and resorts in Rhode Island, which make the trip all the more enjoyable with their excellent service. Here is a list of some of the most famous Hotels and Resorts.


  1. The Chanler: A very popular hotel, this one was formed from the restoration of a gilded age mansion. Other attractions of the hotel include French antiques and modern artwork. The service quality is without compare with other hotels. This hotel is situated at beginning of Cliff Walk.
  2. Castle Hill Inn & Resort: The main attraction of this hotel is its Victorian design, which is still well preserved. The Place is a 40 acre in size and is situated dominated in the road connecting the Narraganset Bay. Word has it that Thirnton Wilder had written a lot of Theophillus North here. The service quality is excellent

A visit to the romantic getaways in Rhode Island will definitely bring back the spark of romance in your love life and will let you enjoy a memorable time.

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