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Romantic Getaways in New York

The New York City in the USA is considered as one of the most exciting places to work, live, and go honeymooning. The romantic getaways in New York are some of the USA's finest and popular hunts of couples. If you want to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, or a wedding, New York is an ultimate destination. Couples may choose to visit the romantic places in New York to shed the stress that has been affecting their relationship for sometime. Revive the spark that seems to be lost from your relationship. You don't need to wait for an April to be in Paris, when it's always a spring in the New York.

Hold your lover's hand and tread on the beautiful streets of New York, even this is a romantic experience most unlikely of any other places in USA. You do the simplest thing in a great way. This is a quotient that can make your New York honeymoon a memorable one. The city is comparatively expensive, so you need to check that the places to visit in New York and the accommodation you opt for fits your bill. It is not necessary to run in debt to fund your romantic vacation in New York. You just need to have a proper planning of the trip.

If you want to have a lavish celebration of your anniversary or the Valentine's Day, New York should be the place. The luxury resorts in New York provide excellent city tours and serve exquisite cuisines at its restaurants. They are also well equipped with spas, massage centers, and parlors. You can easily indulge in a spa weekend getaway in New York. Rejuvenate yourself and your partner before heading for other destinations in the New York City.

The Central Park in New York City wears a great look in the months of May with the daffodils blooming in clusters. Stroll beneath the flowering enclave of the daffodils. This is one of the affordable romantic destinations in the New York City. You certainly do not need to spend a fortune on enjoying a romantic afternoon in the Central Park gardens. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is another such place in New York. The colorful painting can color your romantic mood. Art lovers will explore every corner of this museum.


Top Romantic Getaways in New York

Apart from the above- mentioned places of romantic interests in New York, there are other romantic getaways in New York, where you can steal a kiss with your lover. Even few hotels in New York carrying nostalgia of love and couples are never tired of visiting them. The Algonquin is the oldest operating hotel in the city.


  1. Couples often prefer to visit the Oak Room that is adorned with low lights, a grand piano giving the look of a classic club that has cabaret dances taking place on its dance floors. The dinning space is well decorated with candles, snowy linens, and bands playing soothing music in the background. The place gives you enough room to cozy up during dinner.
  2. Talking of dinner, you can lead your partner to savor the finest delicacies in New York. The romantic dinner at La Grenouille, the this French restaurant is lit up with romantic scented candles and fresh flowers. It is among the favored romantic getaways in New York.
  3. Midsummer Night's Swing - This place will surely remind you of the Midsummer Night's Dream. Couples find their foot tapping one they enter this place. If you want to avoid going to the expensive clubs, still you can dance with your lover. There is live music for salsa to pop. If you don't know to dance, you can learn from the dance instructor! You just need to reach an hour before the music starts playing. Can you think of a better place to dance away in your lover's arm than this?

To conclude, there are diverse romantic getaways in New York. You need to choose according to your interests for making a successful romantic holiday in New York.

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