Romantic Getaways in Nevada

One of Nevada's largest industries is tourism. Tourists from over the world are lured particularly to the gambling casinos that are lined on the streets of Reno, Las Vegas, Tahoe, and Laughlin. The various romantic getaways in Nevada contribute largely to the Nevada tourism industry. Lovers find the climate of Nevada a major draw to spend their romantic vacation in one the lovely resorts of Nevada. There are also fun places and best restaurants in the greater Las Vegas region that a couple is bound to remember forever. So, if you are planning to spend a vacation with your partner, you can always choose from the list of romantic destinations in Nevada. If you are planning for a weekend romantic getaway in Neveda, Las Vegas is probably the best place for you. You can visit the entertainment areas, spend time in the casinos, and see a comedy show together in Las Vegas- also called the 'City of Lights'.

Honeymooners who wish to spend about a week in Nevada, can visit more places of interest and be part of the ever vibrant city of Las Vegas. There is much more to behold than the entertainment shows that make Las Vegas popular. The distinctive art galleries are a major draw for couples who have interest in art and cultural activities. An evening in the downturn region of Reno, particularly in the month of July would give you a glimpse of the flamenco dancing, grand opera, and symphonies. The annual event in Reno city of Nevada enlivens you and your spouse with the smooth romantic music that is played in the shows. A romantic dinner in any of the fine restaurants of Las Vegas would add to the charm of the evening.

Nevada is a popular hunt for honeymooners who also find the spa centers offering the couples an intimate experience. The romantic spas in Nevada are all well equipped with spacious rooms for couples, steam bath zones, and relax rooms.

Top romantic getaways in Nevada

1. As mentioned above, the city of Reno is a popular cultural spot for couples who enjoy the modern dance shows, movies in the parks, and the historic sites of early Nevada. People throng this city every year during the month of July when the annual cultural events are held. Hotels and resorts around Reno offer special and cheap honeymoon packages in Reno during this time of the year.

2. If you drive for 45 minutes from the city of Reno, the picturesque Virginia City has lots to offer you. It is regarded as one of the important romantic getaways in Nevada that is both enjoyable and affordable for couples. Once the wealthiest place in America, Virginia is famous for the hairdressing saloons that can give you and your partner a complete makeover. You can enjoy a new look on the night of your anniversary or on the eve of Valentines Day. Get high on romance as you tour the Victoria mansions, museums, and the Piper's Opera House. The Piper's Opera House still preserves the Old Western heritage of music. The recently renovated opera hosts live theatrical performances. You can surprise your partner who is probably a music lover by taking him/her to one such musical event.

3. The north Elko region is another romantic getaway hotspot in Nevada. The nation's oldest Cowboy Poetry Festival is held here in the month of January. You can include this in the list of romantic getaways in Nevada that you have planned to visit with your wife/husband. Although there is little scenic wonder in Elko, you will have a jolly remembrance of the festival that involves singing, dancing, and story-telling events. Previously a local event, this has eventually made the lovers interested.

4. On the waterfront, Nevada is landlocked with the Colorado River and the Hoover Dam. Lake Mead is the largest lake in the state and has been the lover's paradise for years now. Lake Tahoe, located in the Sierra Nevada range is a hub of adventure sports. Be ready to take a drive with your partner. Pack a swimming suit and don't miss the fun.

Home to some of the finest lakes in the western hemisphere and a major cultural destination, the romantic getaways in Nevada will give gift you some great moments while you are on a romantic vacation.

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