How To Plan A Romantic Spa Getaway

Romantic spa getaways allow you and your loved one to have a revitalizing experience. Special spa zones across the world provide rejuvenating thermal baths, massages, and herbal treatments while you are on a romantic holiday. Luxury resorts and hotels have spa centers that inspire romance and maintain a high level of privacy. Planning a romantic spa getaway could be just part of your trip.


You can check into any of the spa centers and enjoy a relaxing massage anytime during your vacation together. There is no need to exceptionally plan for a romantic spa getaway. Countries like America have experienced a tremendous growth in the spa tourism. The herbal nourishment centers across Europe have eventually enhanced their amenities considering the influx of tourists.

The spa travel plan should be made with prior knowledge of the spa center or spa resort that you are all set to visit. Make sure that it does not disappoint you anyway. Every spa in the world does not offer you similar packages or offers. So, be clear about the treatments that you both would like to undergo.

Spa getaways Travel Tips


  1. Romantic spas in resorts have special massage rooms for couples. While on romantic spa getaways make sure that the spa center is well equipped and spacious enough to provide treatments to two persons at the same time.
  2. The top romantic honeymoon getaways in the world are particularly popular for the couple suites comprising of steam bath area, lounging beds, and fireplaces. Choose from the amenities and services that fit your budget. You should not be shocked to see the bill after having a recharging spa shower.
  3. Few popular spas like the Watermark in Texas provide spa facilities in the couple's room itself. This inspires perfect intimacy.
  4. Avail the romantic spa packages to secure cheaper deals. This would help reduce the expenses often involved in the romantic spa getaways.


Top Romantic Spa Getaways


  1. Royal Palms Resort &Spa- This spa is based in Phoenix in Arizona. The Alvadora Spa is located within the Royal palms Resort & Spa. One of the most intimate and romantic spa destinations of Arizona, the Alvadora has all that a luxury spa comprises. Guests are offered excellent spa showers and they can choose from the catalogue of herbal massages and treatments that are available.
  2. Spa a Mandarin Oriental, New York- The spa is located in the 35th floor of the luxury hotel. The soothing couple suites have a contemporary look with private steam and bath. The spa staffs make treatments a rejuvenating experience. There are several combo packages that you both can opt for.
  3. One & Only Spa Palmilla, Mexico- A favorite destination for honeymooners and celebrities, the One & Only Spa Palmilla has 13 spa villas. They are the apt places for romantic spa getaways.

The romantic spa getaways might also include the beach resorts and the open-aired massage zones where couples prefer having sand baths, mud, and sand massages.

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