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How to Plan a Surprise Getaway for a Spouse

 Planning a surprise gateway with your spouse could be one of the most difficult things especially because you would like to keep it a secret. You need to decide on the trip, the places of visit, and the budget involved. Remember, there is no better gift than the surprise itself. It could be the most romantic and thrilling experience for both of you. If you are planning for a surprise anniversary gateway, you may even choose the wedding venue! For most couples, anniversaries, birthdays, New Year, and Christmas is the perfect time for giving a surprise.

You need to follow simple steps to make a successful planning on surprise destinations. Excitement could kill the discreet nature of the romantic getaway plan, so you need to be extra cautious. Planning a surprise getaway could take more time than you had expected. So, it is necessary that you know your lover's choice of place, food, and adventure. This would save a lot of time that you would otherwise spend on deciding the nature of place. If your lover likes to spend a quiet time with you, the candle night dinner at his/ her favorite restaurant would be a great idea. The next option would be a beach resort, which is probably the best place to enjoy each other's company. When time is short and you need to decide quick, a long drive to the place where you first met can be one of the unexpected surprises for your partner.

Get ready to rekindle the joy that comes to your lover's eyes with the little surprise trips that you arrange for him/her. A proper planning of the occasion can give you a chance of having a second honeymoon.

Planning Surprise Getaway- Things to do

There are few things that you should be careful, while planning a surprise getaway.

  1. Firstly, try to gather few ideas for surprise getaways. These would include the names of places that your partner likes. Then move on to plan the things you would like to do while on a romantic vacation.
  2. Take the help of travel agents in your area or make your bookings online. This could help you avoid the uncertainties involved in reservations.
  3. Nothing could be more thrilling to your partner than finding packed suitcases and tickets for a romantic destination; a sudden break from the daily routine.
  4. If you are planning for a simple surprise weekend getaway, going for a movie followed by a candle light dinner in a rooftop garden restaurant could just add a needed spark to your relationship.


Best surprise getaways

Considering your budget would be an important requirement in planning a surprise getaway. If that seems no barrier then set out for the most romantic vacation getaways.


  1. Paris- "An Evening in Paris", what can be more romantic than the European love hub? The city of fashion, romance, and extravaganza; Paris is still regarded as the lover's paradise. Pack your bags and be ready to escape to the dreamland.
  2. Hawaii- Hawaii is considered to be a top spot for honeymooners. The Hawaiian Islands have everything from good food and comfortable stay to adventure packed beauty. You would love to have a reclining afternoon with your partner on the beaches of Hawaii.
  3. India- In India, Kerala and Goa are the surprise getaway hotspots. International tourists also enjoy the great cuisine and serene waters of Goa. Kerala is popular for its backwater trips and houseboats. Opt for a holiday package and surprise your spouse with a memorable stay in the king size houseboats of Kerala.

Don't let anything slip, enjoy the time that you were craving to spend together. The vacation would be worth the time and effort involved in planning a surprise getaway.

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