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Romantic Getaway Ideas for Newly Engaged

It is always desirable to know each other better prior to tying the knot. And if you are newly engaged, why don't you spend sometime together before the wedding bells finally ring for you. As far as newly engaged romantic getaways are concerned, your choices may differ. And your choice may be different as compared to your spouse. But the best places to visit are the ones that will give you some solace mentally and physically.

Set off to a place where you can get a good massage by a professional and bathe in the sun with your newly found soul mate. As far as mental solace is concerned, being in the company of your loved one and amidst the panoramic view of the surroundings should be able to heal you and act as a balm.

Given below are few places of interest that appeal to the newly engaged. They are as follows -

  1. Bora Bora

This is a perfect getaway for newly engaged. Since this is a tropical destination, you need to dab on a lot of sunscreen lotion. In addition to the beauties of nature, you are sure to enjoy the land animals and marine life.





  1. Tampa Florida

Tampa in Florida is one of the newly engaged romantic getaways. There are good hotels and resorts where you can put up. There are parks and gardens where you can stroll around.






  1. Bali

This exotic paradise as it is commonly addressed as welcomes the newly engaged couples and is a perfect romantic getaway for them. Here you will be able to enjoy more than just the beach activities. Know more about the Balinese culture, cuisine, scenic spots, natural forests, and trekking trails etc.




  1. Jamaica

Few newly engaged romantic getaways that you explore in Jamaica include the following-

-Ocho Rios
-Montego Bay
-Runaway Bay
-Port Antonio
-Negril etc




  1. Maldives

Maldives is located towards the south west of India and Sri Lanka. It is in fact a group of islands. There are 1100 islands, out of which only 200 have inhabitants. These islands are regarded as the "flattest islands on earth".





  1. Costa Rica

There are many interesting things that you can take part in. And some of them include the following -

-Tour of the canopy
-Eco Strolls
-Night Safaris
-Scuba Diving etc

When you set off for newly engaged romantic getaways, make sure you chalk out a plan well in advance. There is no point in reaching your favorite place and finding yourself lost. Few aspects that you ought to keep in mind include the following. The same holds true for all the newly engaged romantic getaways you choose.

  1. Find out which time of the year you can travel to these places. The weather should be good and make you comfortable.
  2. Once you have decided upon the time, book your accommodation in a good hotel. If you have a choice, you can opt for choosing a room too
  3. Book your tickets either railway or air tickets.
  4. Pack your bags, carry necessary stuff and set off for your long awaited trip to the newly engaged romantic getaways.

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