Romantic Getaways in Cancun - Attraction , Shopping and Hotels

Cancun is well known for its vibrant, bubbly, unabashed image. It never sleeps and is always on the move. But can you handle so much of excitement and maddening experience? In other words, it is a fearless city. This city in Mexico is very similar to Dubai, Las Vegas, and Ibiza. Romantic getaways in Cancun can be quite exciting if both of you enjoy pomp and show and believe in just letting your hair down and enjoy to the brim.

Statistical reports indicate that Cancun in Mexico attracts as many as 4 million tourists from different parts of the world. The visitors are mainly from the United States of America. Earlier this was a small fishing town and it has emerged to be one of the main romantic getaways in Mexico luring thousands of romantic lovers and couples to understand the importance of togetherness.

Romantic Getaways in Cancun - Places of interest

Despite the fact that the city is unabashed and ready to take on challenges of any kind, both of you can find a secluded place and spend few moments all on your own. Just because the world is out there taking on challenges and tuning up to the wild mood of the city doesn't necessarily mean that both of you need to go wild too. If you are more of the silent and quiet types, check out the following places of interest in Cancun.

  1. Hummer Jungle tours
  2. Selvatical Canopy Expedition
  3. Cancun Vista
  4. El Rey or Zona Arqueogica El Rey
  5. La Isla Shopping Mall
  6. Tres Rios Ecopark
  7. Parque Nizuc Waterpark
  8. Solo Buceo etc

Accommodation in Cancun

How important is accommodation when you are away on romantic getaways in Cancun? It is undoubtedly vital as you cannot stay without adequate amenities and services throughout your stay at Cancun, especially when you are new to the place and have to depend on other resources to survive as long as you are enjoying romantic getaways in Cancun. Shop around for a good hotel in Cancun. A good hotel should essentially give you the feel of a home away from home.

Given below are the names of the hotels in Cancun that you can check out.

  1. Ritz Carlton
  2. Beach Palace Wyndham Grand Resort
  3. The Royal Cancun
  4. Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Beach Hotel
  5. Club med Cancun Yucatan
  6. Marriot CasaMagna Cancun Resort
  7. Riu Palace Las Americas etc

Shopping in Cancun

When it comes to shopping, it is a part and parcel for anyone traveling away from the hometown, especially when you are out on romantic getaways in Cancun, and your family members are back home waiting for you to carry souvenirs for them.

Not only that, you can also buy a special gift for the one you love. Give him/her a surprise. And before you retire for the day, you may just slide in a small gift under the pillow.

There are many gift items that you can lay your hands on. It may be a small artifact which shows a couple holding hands or cuddling up with each other etc. It can also be a heart shaped chocolate wrapped in shining gift paper etc. And if you want your gift to be expensive, the options are numerous. Check out the following shopping complexes when you are on romantic getaways in Cancun -

  1. Mercado 23
  2. Fama
  3. Chedraui Supermarket
  4. Plaza Kukulcan
  5. Mercado Municipal Ki-Huic etc

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