Romantic Getaways in Turkey

Turkey has volumes to speak about its history. For instance, this is the same country where Alexander the Great, cut down the Gordion Knot, where Ottoman battles were fought and Achilles took over the Trojans.


But if you are planning for romantic getaways in Turkey, you will probably look out for avenues that will bring the two of you closer. As such hunting for the romantic places that will help you to understand each other better is the need of the hour.


When you travel to Turkey, you can explore the places of interest in Turkey. Given below are the places you can visit if you are away on romantic getaways in Turkey.


There are many activities you can engage in when you travel to Istanbul. They are Aya Sofya, Grand Bazaar, and Spice Bazaar. See if you can pick up something for the people whom you have left behind.

Once a well known Anatolian Kingdom, pay a visit to the Asclepion and Acropolis

Enjoy the remains of the Roman city which has a theater that has accommodation for 25,000 people.

In addition to the places of interest mentioned above, there are innumerable places you can pay a visit to when you are away on romantic getaways in Turkey. They are as follows -


  1. Lycian Way
  2. Hierapolis
  3. Sumela
  4. Duden Waterfalls
  5. Antalya Archaeological Museum
  6. Anatolian Balloons
  7. Asansor
  8. Kizlaragasi Han Bazar
  9. Saat Kulesi or Clock Tower etc

Making romantic getaways in Turkey a success

It goes without saying that your trip to Turkey is considered a success if you are able to spend the holidays just the way you wanted it to be. This includes, not exceeding your budget, experiencing good weather etc. So, it is important to find out the time that is best. Generally speaking, the best time to visit Turkey is between April and May (Spring) and again between September and October (Autumn).

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