Romantic Getaways in Sweden

Honeymoon is one such romantic journey in our lives that we all want to make it and fill with love and romance. Romantic getaways in Sweden, with its exotic locales and landscape will make you and your partner have a good time together. It's is going to be a dream come true for many. The scope to be amidst nature's beauty as well as explore other attractions is ample in Sweden. You can seek some guidance from your travel agent or can also browse up the internet for all relevant information.

Your romantic journey in Sweden is going to be more than just a romantic outing Honeymoon is a celebration of love and its togetherness. The countryside view of Sweden along with its cuisine delicacies, shopping plazas, and outdoor activities would ensure you have a good time.

Romantic getaways in Sweden mainly consists of places of sightseeing that you can explore together in your honeymoon. Given below are some of the places that you both must visit.

Best Romantic Places in Sweden

Sasken in Stockholm

Sasken is known to be one of the top romantic destinations that couples in Sweden visit. You can have a glimpse of the vintage and the historical buildings of timeless beauty. There are the green and serene parks, picnic spots and gardens where both of you can sit and spend some time with ach other. The pleasant atmosphere and surrounding will make you recollect some romantic moments.

Both of you can also enjoy the live performances that takes place in the amphitheatre and can also visit the zoo.

Gamla Stan in Stockholm

Gamla Stan is one of the most beautiful parts of Stockholm famous for its bars, cafe's, and designer shops. Both of you can collect some of the choicest pieces of Swedish handicrafts for each other. Take a stroll together through the narrow Gamla Stan streets and explore the beauty of the city.

Liseberg in Gothenburg

The best time to visit Liseberg is during December. It would be Christmas time and the couples can be a part of the season's celebrations. The place is beautifully decorated, which is quite a visual delight. Both you can visit the pubs and restaurants.


Things to do in Sweden

Apart from the sightseeing, couples can also look forward to an active nightlife in places like Malmo, Gothenburg, and Stockholm. If you want to make your honeymoon even more romantic and memorable, you can visit Northern Sweden.

This part of the region, remains mostly dark during the winter season. The other romantic locales of Sweden that you must visit are the Fiholm Castle and the Sigurd Rock.

You can also bring some adventure to your trip by taking part in activities like fishing and share some fun moments together. You also have other options in golfing and horse riding. If you want to pamper your beloved, you also have the most exquisite shops to get them some romantic gifts from.

Accommodations in Sweden

Sweden offers you some of the best choices in accommodation with a huge range of hotels, resorts and the inns and lodges too. You can choose according to your budget and preferences. The resorts offer attractive honeymoon packages during some parts of the year with discount rates. They also arrange some package honeymoon tours for couples that you can avail.

Romantic getaways in Sweden is a harmonious blend of the city life as well country side beauty. The scenic beauty and grandeur would make your honeymoon a very special one.


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