Romantic Getaways in Russia

Honeymoon is all about spending some romantic and quite time with your beloved in some faraway land amidst beautiful landscapes and natural surroundings. Romantic getaways in Russia is your one stop destination to spend some cozy time with your beloved. Your romantic trip in Russia can add some special moments to your married life. With its various romantic sites of attraction Russia weaves out a magic tale in your romance.Russia is located in Northern Asia between North Pacific Ocean and Europe.

Your romantic vacation in Russia is going to be a few serene days away from the hustle bustle of the everyday life. Whether you spend a week or a fortnight in Russia, you would surely have a memorable honeymoon with your beloved.

Romantic escapades in Russia would mean visiting the places of architectural wonder and cultural heritage. The place has a wonderful climate and favorable accommodation facilities. The resorts and hotels too maintain high standards of hospitality and offer you numerous options, to savor the best of cuisine delicacies.

Honeymoon couples can visit the various romantic spots that would include the vibrant and diverse landscape, crystal clear rivers and majestic lakes, vast meadows, and the hilly mountains. The romantic locales in Russia have it all to make your honeymoon a journey of a life time.

Top Romantic Spots in Russia

If you and your partner have a penchant for fun and adventure, Russia has got ample choices for you. There are some prominent lakes and rivers in Russia that offer great scopes for partaking in water sport activities. You and your partner can take part in activities like hunting, sailing, fishing, kayaking, camel riding, cruising, biking, and many more. All these activities add a lot of thrill and zest in your honeymoon.

Some of the major romantic getaways in Russia that the couples can visit, include the eminent landmarks of Moscow. Some of the names are given below:-


  1. The Bolshoi Theatre
  2. The Cathedral of Christ the Savior
  3. Red Square
  4. Gorky Park
  5. Novodevichy Convent and Monastery
  6. St.Issac's Cathedral
  7. The Arbat
  8. Izmailovsky Souvenir Market
  9. The Tretyakov Gallery.

You can visit these places along with your partner and can share a great time together. Apart from these, there are also several nearby places where the couples can arrange for romantic excursions. Some of the romantic getaways in Russia where the couples can undertake a weekend or a one day trip are given below:-

  1. Lake Ladoga
  2. Saint Petersburg
  3. Siberia
  4. Golden Ring
  5. Arkhangelsk
  6. Black Sea
  7. Volga River
  8. Kareila
  9. Lake Baikal

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