Romantic Getaways in Portugal

Portugal is known for its lovely beaches, scenic countryside views, and vibrant cities. Romantic getaways in Portugal with its various sites of attraction would make your honeymoon a memorable one. If you wish to spend your honeymoon amidst the natural settings and also enjoy the vibrant city life Portugal is the one stop destination for you.

Portugal stretches across the western border of Spain that gives the land a territorial diversity. A romantic escapade in Portugal would mean, on a single day couples can travel far and wide from the northern lush green mountains to the beach destinations. Portugal is also well connected through sound transport systems. Every year people from all across the globe visit the place for personal trips or romantic holidays.

Romantic Spots in Portugal

There are several romantic places that the couples can visit and share some lone time together. The best beach destination in Portugal is Algrave that allows you to indulge in activities like kite surfing and other water sports. You can also stroll over the vast sandy beaches with each other, reliving some old romantic moments.

At the same time, some visitors as well as couples might just be willing to cycle up their way to the hilly terrains of Geres or perhaps indulge in water rafting in Douro. If you and your partner enjoy golfing, you have options for that too. Portugal has some of the finest golf courses. The weather too being pleasant and supports several outdoor activities.

Things to do in Portugal

Apart from visiting several places, couples can enjoy together taking part in several activities. Some of the fun activities that they can participate in are mountain biking, trekking, hot-air ballooning, hiking, canoeing, horseback riding, and many more.

Couples can also enjoy other water sports in beaches and can take part in the cruises and even explore a winery. These are some of the pleasant romantic getaways in Portugal that add spark and fun to your honeymoon.

One of the most attractive romantic locales in Portugal, are the network of "Posudas" , which are a set of important historical castles and fortresses. These have been transformed into government-ruled accommodations. If you have a dream to spend a part of your honeymoon in a castle, you seek permission for the Posudas from the government and go ahead.

Other romantic spots would include Lapa Palace, Reid's Palace, Hotel Quinta da Logo, and Madeira's Bay.

Shopping in Portugal

Couples enjoy shopping whilst their honeymoon. You can shop from the various shopping plazas and stalls for your spouse and give it to them as a honeymoon gift. Portugal shops give you a plethora of items to buy from. You can purchase small pieces of gold jewelry, ceramics, handcrafted goods, high class wines, and embroidered fabrics.

One of the delicacies that you must buy from Portugal shops is the azulejos which is a special hand-made tile that is used for interior and exterior decor.

Romantic getaways in Portugal also allow you to explore the delicious cuisine delicacies. You can also enjoy an active nightlife that is fun filled and exciting. With its natural beauty and city life amenities, your honeymoon trip to Portugal would be a wonderful experience.


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