Romantic Getaways in Italy

"Open my heart, and you will see Graved inside of it, Italy." - Lord Byron

This one verse by the great poet says it all. Italy is undoubtedly one of the most romantic places on earth. A life will remain incomplete without planning a romantic getaway in Italy. Italy falls under the top romantic tourists destinations of the world. The scenic seaside villages, stunning countryside, and age old historic cities are dotted with romantic settings, breathtaking views, luxurious hotels, and restaurants serving scrumptious delicacies.


Most Romantic Italian Cities


The romantic trip to Italy should begin with Venice. The winding canals, gondolas, and the narrow streets would loosen up all your senses. Piazza San Marco being the most visited tourists attractions of Venice, the other places worth visiting are the picturesque squares, cathedrals and churches. The romantic settings of the restaurants and cafeterias give you ample of privacy to get cozy with your loved one. Head to Venice during the Carnevale festivals, which is Italy's top tourists' attraction.

Lake Como

A romance hub in Italy is the Lake Como. The beautiful villas and resort villages sprawling all over the city are bound to ring a bell in your heart. Italy's one of the most romantic travel destinations, Lake Como is a must visit during a romantic trip to Italy. Bellagio, also referred as the pearl of the lake, will make you speechless with its beauty and panorama. Located in the Italian Lakes District near Switzerland, Lake Como is surrounded by hills and mountains offering some of the best views for photographers from all over the world. Travel through the winding ways of the mountains to reach the village of Brunate. You would get mesmerized by the wonderful view of the lake and Alps - a perfect way to enjoy your romantic getaways in Italy.


Located on the Amalfi Coast, Positano is regarded to be one of the most romantic cities of Italy. Built vertically on the side of a cliff, Positano offers the most breathtaking views of the sea atop hill. The restaurants serve mouthwatering sea food recipes. Enjoy the evening as you wine and dine at a romantic restaurant while listening to the music of waves. The climate is favorable for a visit throughout the year.


Capri had been a favorite among tourists from all parts of the world since the time of Roman rules. Capri offers dreamy views, secluded inlets, and dramatic beauty. The scent of flowers and orchids in the wind adds to the romance of this place.


The houses and balconies, which make Verona a popular romantic tourists attraction in Italy, is said to belong to Juliet from the Shakespeare's legendary love saga. It is very firmly believed that Juliet lived here. Tourists with romance in their heart flock in thousands to take a photo of Juliet's balcony and rub the right breast of her statue, which is believed to bring good luck. A visit to 2000 year old open-air Roman Arena is a must. You must not miss the opera show here.


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