Romantic Getaways in Ireland

Planning to have an Irish honeymoon? The romantic getaways in Ireland have everything to fulfill your romantic needs. In recent years, the castle honeymoons in Ireland have gained prominence. The famous castles have been renovated into boutique style hotels. Imagine staying with your loved one at one of the exquisite real castle in Ireland!


The country that is rich in tale of love and romance provides excellent accommodation facilities, food, and sightseeing to foreign couples. Throughout Ireland, you will find hidden and secluded places called the 'Dermot's Beds'. It is named after Dermot and Grainne, two great lovers. The beautiful lakes and the beaches also add to the charm of Ireland. If you are in love, Ireland will offer plenty to express your feelings.

For many the Cliffs of Moher and the Ring of Kerry are the two best romantic hotspots in Ireland. While the Blarney Stone, the Aran Islands, and Doolin are considered the best places for privacy. If you want to spend time amidst the local people, the Galway, Cork, or Dublin would be the best place to enjoy their company.

The romantic hotels in Ireland such as the Ballymaloe House, Ardtara Country House, and the castles are also popular romantic destinations in Ireland. These hideaways have large bedrooms and luscious green courtyards. Mostly located on the cliffs, they provide excellent city views. The Wicklow County is famous for the wild moors and mountains and the Irish Sea that lie just 20 miles south-west of Dublin. If you want to spend a romantic weekend beach getaway in Ireland, the Wexford County can be the best place for you and your partner. The fishing villages alongside the sandy beaches are the main attractions of this place.

Top Romantic Getaways in Ireland

Other than the above mentioned romantic breakaways in Ireland, there are several other hideouts that are considered as favorite romantic destinations in Ireland by foreign tourists.


  1. Lakes of Killarney- Located near the Kerry County in Ireland, the Killarney lakes are an epitome of beauty. The lakes are adorned by green landscapes and mountains on every side. Undoubtedly a romantic place, the Lakes of Killarney are a must see on the west coast of Ireland.
  2. Kinsale- It is one of the most elegant villages in Ireland. The Kinsale is home to beautiful buildings and a luxury golf course. The streets are lined with restaurants, pubs, and intimate cabins. This is one of the popular romantic getaways in Ireland where you can spend a few romantic nights with your partner.
  3. Bunraty Castle- If you have not visited the Bunraty Castle, then you have missed the experience of visiting one of the authentic fortresses in Ireland. The banquet halls treat the guests every evening in the medieval courts. With musicians playing live, this can be the best place to propose your ladylove for a marriage.
  4. Whitefriar Church- Would you want to miss the original place of the love patron- Saint Valentine? His remains are kept at the Whitefriar Church in Dublin. It is deemed as a pilgrimage for lovers.

To conclude, there is no dearth of romantic getaways in Ireland and you can always indulge in romantic activities with your partner. Happy romantic Holiday!

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