Romantic Getaways in Iceland

The perfect excuse to cuddle up is here. The chill perfect weather of Iceland draws several couples every year to enjoy the various romantic getaways in Iceland. The romantic wilderness, beauty, and adventure sports are enough to provide you with a memorable romantic vacation in Iceland. You can enjoy a horse drawn sleigh ride through the forests, dine in the cave restaurants, or watch the sun set from the balcony of your luxury resort. If you do not know where to go during the romantic weekend getaway in Iceland, book a honeymoon package to Iceland and enjoy a comfortable stay with sightseeing in Iceland.

The perfect romantic vacation in Iceland would comprise of the log cabin hotels, hot tubs, Northern Lights, ice skating, and the natural beauty. The most surprising will be the climate. When you are sweating in New York, the houses in Iceland are snow capped! Most regions in Iceland receive snowfall until the month of July. The first place you may head to warm yourselves is either the community swimming pool heated by the geothermal springs or the resort pool.

The sculpture gardens make for excellent romantic getaways in Iceland. The most noted among them are the Asmunur Sveinsson's and the Ainar Jonsson garden. If you are willing to tour beyond the city limits, you will get to see everything from glaciers and frozen lakes to the market places. You can opt for the seasonal sales at the Saks. Adventure activities mark a greater part of the stay in Iceland. While ice skating is popular, you may also indulge in snowmobiling.

Head back to the city restaurants that are equipped with romantic settings for a nice dinner. You can walk the streets with a glass of wine and holding the hands of your special someone.

Top Romantic Getaways in Iceland

The romantic vacations in Iceland do not necessarily require you to be indulging in adventure activities. You might just prefer to spend quiet moments with your spouse in the courtyard of the hotel or occasionally visit the adjoining serene towns and villages. They look stunning on a wintry night.

  1. Blue Lagoon Spa- The amazing Blue Lagoon Spa gives you and your partner a healing bath. It is the first thing that you can do before heading for other places in Iceland. Surrounded by lava fields, the therapeutic waters of the lagoon invariably offer rejuvenating experience. This is perhaps the best romantic getaway in Iceland that lets you enjoy moments together in the warm waters.
  2. The Super jeep Weekend Safari- An important part of the Iceland culture, the super jeeps' are specially modified vehicles with high ground clearance and large tyres. These vehicles give the couples a thrilling ride through the snow laced ranges. The most exciting part for couples remains that they are able to go to places, where other conventional vehicles cannot make it.
  3. Excursions to Northern Lights- From the period between October and March, the excursions to the Northern Lights are often possible. It is the place where certain scientific causes forces a lightning to appear on the northern part of Iceland. It takes place on the new moon day. The appearance of the shimmering lights is never guaranteed, but if you are lucky you can just see the rainbow of love dancing overhead.
  4. The cliffs and the waterfalls- The graceful Seljalandsfoss waterfall will award you with ultimate moments of romance with your partner. Experience the flow and the light drizzle off chill water. The Skogafoss waterfall and the Skogafoss museum are part of the romantic tour packages in Iceland. You just need to enjoy your stay there.

The romantic getaways in Iceland therefore are a mix of beauty with adventure. Nothing should stop you from escaping with your partner to any of the romantic hideouts in Iceland.

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