Romantic Getaways in Greece

For many honeymooners, the romantic places in Athens are irresistible. Therefore, this is one of the popular romantic getaways in Greece. Make a romantic trip to Greece and take back a bag full of romantic memories. Book any of the honeymoon packages to Greece that may be enjoyed by the newly weds and other couples as well. Enjoy the weekend romantic getaways in Greece in affordable rates at the famous Greek Isles. The Greek Isles are laced with romantic spots that make your getaway unforgettable. Although many consider the summer season to make a visit to the romantic Greek Isles, but even the winter months are perfect for a honeymoon to Greece even if you are not dropping into the romantic Greek Islands.

As Aristotle was the man to ponder over the natural beauty of Greece, the couples are ever ready for a sunny visit to the romantic escapes that define Greece. What better gift to your partner than a lovely night at the Santorini Islands with all the desired luxury and beauty? The irregular coastlines are no exceptions when you plan a romantic weekend getaway to Greece. The other romantic places in Greece would include the isolated beaches, harbor restaurants, shopping centers, and the art museums.

Those couples willing to undertake wild adventures definitely desire a trip to the Sporades Island as well. The journey to this place can be a romantic sail over the Aegean Sea. The marine parks located alongside the islands are also important lovers' destinations in Greece.

Top Romantic Getaways in Greece


  1. Skiathos- The popular hunt for the sun, sea, and beach lovers, the Skiathos has about 60 beaches. The southern part of every beach is a hub of water sports and other adventure activities. Visiting couples can spend their time water-skiing, wind-surfing, and parasailing. You may also take a ride on the jet boats and escape to a secluded beach. Coming back to the Skiathos, the lovers can enjoy great sea food and other beach entertainments.
  2. Skepelos- The Skepelos is a treasure trove of culture. The monasteries, ancient churches, and the castles make it an interesting place to visit. The Skopelian structures are a mystery to history lovers, who want to decipher every bit of it. You can roam around the villages that specialize in making of ships and unique pottery sets. You can spend a night in any of the village cottages to explore the place well with your spouse.
  3. The Alonoissos- Home to the National Marine Park, the Alonoissos Island is a designated place and special area of conservation. Being a well known ecotourism center in Greece, the park is of great attraction to the honeymooners. You can spend an entire day in the island and have a look at the endangered species that are kept there. The island is also adorned by beaches and bays that welcome nature lovers to recline at the beach resorts.
  4. Athens- The capital city of Athens takes you back to the Greek civilization. The place is dotted with historical sites and monuments that make it one of the most visited honeymoon destinations in Europe. Couples can overlook the islands and escape to the ancient ruins in Athens. The Acropolis Plateau marks the scared temple that was once dedicated to the Goddess of Athena. Lined with cafes and restaurants spending a night in the western part of the city is probably the most pleasurable experience for lovers.

While the city of Athens is a noted historic place in Greece, the restaurants, clubs, and other romantic hideouts remain a must see during your romantic holiday in Greece.

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