Romantic Getaways in France

Some of the world famous romantic breakaways are located on the French borders. Once you plan to visit the romantic getaways in France, Paris is meant to be the spot. How can someone forget Paris that is so synonymous with love? An evening in Paris is therefore the best way to spend a fabulous time with your loved one. There are several places to visit and things to do while you are in France with your sweetheart. The French Alps have a romantic history that dates back to the Middle Ages. Nothing can replace the luxury of romantic resorts to spend intimate moments with your spouse. The various cottage resorts equipped with spa centers and serving excellent French cuisine will sweep you off your feet this romantic summer in France.

A romantic weekend in France or a rather longer vacation in the peaceful surroundings in France, the romantic hotels will further ensure that you have the perfect honeymoon. The beautiful region of Dordogne in the Southwest France is particularly popular for the calm surroundings and the bed and breakfast combo hotels. It is a cheap town in the interiors of France. Couples who enjoy wine can make a trip to the Monbazillac and taste the peach flavored dessert wine.

The other interesting place in France is the Monpazier, which is an ancient well preserved town famous for the Lascaux cave paintings. You cannot give the castles a miss as well. The Chateau de Beynac is one of the noted castles perched on a hill top which is a couple's hideout in France.

Top Romantic Getaways in France

Most cities in France are particularly the top romantic getaways. This is because they are a combination of luxury, romanticism, and entertainment. Simply walking on the lighted streets of Paris gives a romantic feeling. Sit in one of the small cabins on the hilltops and enjoy the cliffs and weather. France being a land of festivals and rich culture is a major draw for couples.

  1. St Paul de Vence- It is a charming hill top village in Provence. There are several art galleries, boutique shops, and cafes. Couples more often prefer a stroll through the quiet lanes of the village. The breathtaking views of the French Alps and the sea make the St Paul de Vence one of the interesting romantic getaways in France.
  2. Montsequr- If you and your partner are interested in outdoor activities, Montsequr is the place. The trekking at the Pog Mountains is a popular adventure sports that couples indulge in. The climb is especially rewarding for the ruins of the Cathar Castle that you can see there.
  3. Paris- If you want to experience the Hollywood setting for your romantic vacation in France, book a honeymoon package to Paris now. The ever-charming city is the host to several romantic escapes. Walk to the Seine Bridge and enjoy the view or steal a kiss. The entertainment industry is also flourishing in Paris. Check into one of the Tap dancing clubs and learn a new move today for your special someone.
  4. Loire valley- The tour of the elegant Loire valley is sure to give you an exotic experience. The mazes on the valley are filled with the air of love. The wine and food is splendid and unique in the cottage restaurants. The Castles have been turned into hotels and are the best places to spend an anniversary on the roof tops.
  5. Les Baux- Popularly called the 'Fortress of the Les Baud' the romantic tradition of this place is enchanting. Nestled between the arid landscapes, the Les Baux even today is a charming romantic town in France.

Also consider the dining resorts like the Deauville in Normandy which is an interesting place for lovers who spend the evenings either at the loyal casinos or strolling in the broadways. Embrace the lovely climate of the country and make a romantic escape to France today!

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