Top 4 Romantic Getaways in England

If you are struggling for ideas to take your partner on a romantic vacation, England can be the place. The romantic getaways in England provide you with ample opportunities to treat your loved one with a castle honeymoon or cruise getaways. The various cities in England have king size arrangements for honeymooners to experience the best accommodations and food. So, think no further, whether it is a weekend romantic getaway to England or just a spa getaway, the place is never short of resources to make you feel complete with your partner.

In recent years, couples are looking out for unique ways to spend their romantic vacation in England. This has helped develop the log cabin parks in England. The log cabin parks have a romantic setting that allows the couples to spend quiet moments in nature's lap. They are located in outstanding locations and are well equipped with accommodation facilities. Built with wooden logs, these cabins have a cozy atmosphere especially in winter. There are 200 such cabins throughout UK. Other than these cabins, the other romantic places in England are spread across the country. You can retreat to the seaside resorts, beautiful beaches, coastal parks, and shopping plazas.

The favorite haunts of the honeymooners are the Bath and West Country popular for the countryside view, luxury hotels, and the roadside gardens. Nature lovers and those wishing to spend a quiet romantic holiday in England find this place a heaven.

Top Romantic Getaways in England

It is rightly remarked that you cannot simply move around England without bumping into one of the famous British castles, which are among the best romantic getaways in England. More importantly, several such castles have been renovated into luxury hotels.


  1. Be Lord and Lady of the Castle- This castle hotel in England is popular among the honeymooners. What can be more romantic than spending the night of your anniversary on a castle roof? The rooms of this boutique hotel are adorned with ancient stone walls, baronial wall hangings, and fire places. You will find it the perfect place to keep your fantasies going.
  2. The beautiful beaches- United Kingdom has some of the world's popular beaches. Most beaches have been carved out by the strong Atlantic currents. It may seem surprising, but England particularly is an inland country with 7,800 miles of coastline. Holding hands and taking a walk in the sand is perhaps the most romantic way to enjoy the beaches. The Barafundle Bay beach consists of sand dunes and ridged by limestone cliffs. This is part of the Pembrokeshire coastline.
  3. The Cerne Abbas Giant- The Cerne Abbas Giant is considered to be one of the most ancient monuments in Britain. This is also among the noted romantic getaways in England. The sculptures at this place inspire a lot of romance. Couples often prefer to spend their nights at this place to experience great romantic encounters.
  4. The Chelsea Flower Show- Although this is just a seasonal affair, couples visiting England in May-June might be able to have a look at the gorgeous tulips, poppies, and other displays. This can be part of the romantic surprises in England that would add some spice to your relationship. You are able to purchase flowers and make a gift to your partner.

There are other romantic dinning getaways in England and restaurants like the Two Rivers Restaurant at the Yorkshire waterfront aquarium. Couples can spend intimate moments in any of the romantic getaways in England.

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