Romantic Getaways in Europe

Europe is a land of splendor, mystery, throbbing cities and romantic escapades. Rich culture and unmatched natural beauty make romantic getaways in Europe worth a visit. Explore the art galleries and museums of United Kingdom, the cathedrals and chateaux of France and churches of Venice. Each place is different from the other awaiting you to explore. Experience the warmhearted people, glorious history, romantic views and scrumptious gastronomical delights here.

The romantic getaways in Europe would offer you the most perfect blend of traditional European culture with idyllic destinations. Choose from a wide array of romantic escapades in Europe to make it special for you both. From the stunning Eiffel Tower in Paris to a midnight gondola ride in the canals of Venice, the setup is just apt for the two of you to fall in love again.

Europe has always been very welcoming to tourists from all parts of the world. Euro made the currency issue much simpler for the romantic vacationers to Europe. Thus planning a honeymoon getaway in Europe is the most obvious thing that one should do.

Traveling to and then in and around Europe is very easy. The important cities of Europe are well connected to all the major cities of the world. Cheap flight and train services are frequently available that won't pinch your pocket much. The best thing to do is combine a few destinations to get a feel of different culture, natural beauty and cuisines.

Check with your travel agent and get the rail passes before you reach Europe. It might cost you more if you try to purchase the tickets after reaching your desired tourist destination. There is something called a flexi-pass. These passes could be used over a period of two months for traveling in and around Europe. There are also daily passes and specific country passes. Make sure you collect all the necessary tickets to make your romantic trip to Europe hassle free.

It is ideal to make hotel reservations confirmed before you set off. If you are traveling during the peak season, which are generally the summer moths, you must get your hotel bookings done in advance. Although there are plenty of places from five stars to luxury resorts and budget hotels, where you can stay, yet due to a heavy rush of tourists in every probability there is a chance of you not getting a hotel of your choice to stay.

Some of the best abodes of Europe are Spain, Paris, Prague, France and Germany, just to name a few. For art lovers Florence is a must visit. Housing two of the most magnificent creations of human art - Michelangelo's David and Botticelli's Birth of Venus - Florence is also referred as the "cradle of the Renaissance".

Europe is simply lover's paradise. The unmatched beauty of the nature marries the age old history of bravery and creative charisma. Europe is also the land for shopaholics. You get the best brands and designer labels to fill your travel bags.

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