Romantic Getaways in Dubai

Developed from a sparsely populated fishing village, Dubai today is one of the most coveted cities of the world. Romantic getaways in Dubai bring it all alive - discover the Arabian music, sand dunes, luxurious lifestyle and delectable cuisines.

Today the population of Dubai has rose to 1.3 million and the economy largely depends upon oil and petroleum. The luxurious lifestyle has made Dubai a hotspot for romantic vacationers and international tourists from all over the world. Star Jones Reynolds, the popular celebrity began his married life in Dubai.

The city has it all in store to offer a memorable trip for the romantic honeymooners in Dubai. The luxurious lifestyle of the city is reflected through its kingly palace like buildings and luxury cars. Every year Dubai welcomes at least a few million tourists from all over the world.

The man made off shore islands offer all the goodness that you have dreamt of. The island of Manhattan, which is still under construction, is claimed to be one of the most romantic places of Dubai.

Plan a Romantic Trip to Dubai

Dubai attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world, especially from Europe, the Far East, and Africa. The best part of the city is its heart warming people, tourists friendly hotels and resorts and a tax free trip. Dubai is a shopper's paradise. The perfect blend of dry weather with pristine sea breeze will steal your heart away. Astonishing accommodations, mouthwatering cuisines and a vibrant nightlife will keep you glued to the city during your stay. If your are seeking for a serene escape walk down the beaches hand in hand that stretches over miles.

For sports lovers from all over the world, Dubai is the place to be. This is the most important sports hub and is regarded to be the sports capital of Middle East. There are world class golf, tennis, horse racing, rally car racing, power boating, rugby, and sailing clubs in Dubai.

Make your romantic trip to Dubai memorable with shopping at Mall of Emirates. This swish 5 storey shopping mall is regarded to be world's one of the largest and the most luxurious shopping centers.

Shopping in Dubai

You would find plenty of tourists, especially foreigners visiting the city to explore its shopping extravaganza. Tons of international and designer labels fill the city's every nook and corner. You would find here everything starting from exotic spices to gold and pashminas. Bargaining is a must if you are not buying anything from a branded store.

Dubai food is famous all over the world. The touch of Mediterranean flavor along with Middle Eastern delicacies will keep you wanting to eat more. Try visiting the hukka bars in Dubai to have a whole new experience. It would only add color and excitement to your romantic trip to Dubai.


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