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Romantic Getaways in Cook Islands

Romantic getaways in Cook Islands are an experience of a life time. This tiny island scattered over the ocean is a dream come true for any hearts in love. Cook Islands offer the best escape into the land of a far-flung desert island, cutting you off totally from the hum drum of the city life.

Sprawling over a vast area, the Cook Islands are a collection of fifteen tiny islands. The islands will offer you a spectacular view of the South Pacific Ocean and would also let you be a part of their age old Polynesian culture. Rarotonga is the largest and the most visited island of Cook Islands. An enamoring mix of rocky mountains, dense forest, and pristine white beaches, Rarotonga is a place to be.

Aitutaki, which is a hook shaped island, is a much visited romantic tourist spots of Cook Islands. Tourists from all over the world come here to witness the coral reef. Nestling at the top of the world's largest coral lagoons, Aitutaki will give you the best experience of your life. Giant mollusks and multi colored tropical fish can be observed from the outer edges of the "motu", which is an uninhabited isle.

Mau'ke, Mitiaro and Mangaia will present you a glimpse of the traditional life of the people of Cook Islands. Penrhyn and Manihiki are famous for its pearl cultivation. Make sure your tour operator covers all these islands.

If you are on a romantic trip to Cook Islands the following are things are a must do for you:

  1. Visit to all the important islands
  2. Explore taro plantation
  3. Visit the pearl cultivation
  4. Swim in the sea
  5. Swim under the water rediscovering the underwater caves
  6. Dancing with the local tribes until dawn
  7. Delving into the tropical gastronomical delights
  8. Shopping hand crafted items from the locals
  9. Relax on the tranquil beach while you sip over a tropical drink
  10. Get a good body massage that would wipe away all the tiredness from your body and mind
  11. The night life is although not very vibrant yet it could be a lot of fun. Don't miss the change to shake your body with the rhythm of the alluring beats
  12. of the drum. You would be joined by locals who would help you enjoy the night and the music to the core. The sensuous and free-spirited women of the
  13. Cook Islands will make the night worth remembering for you.

The Northern Group of islands is a dream destination for the Cast Aways and Robinson Crusoes. If you want to experience an authentic and pure culture of the Cook Islands, a visit to the North Group is must. The simple lives of the people revolve around the tradition and history of the place.

The idyllic setting will make your romantic trip to Cook Islands a very memorable one. The best time to visit here is during the summer - it could be a perfect escape for you from the bustling city life.

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