Romantic Getaways in China

Romantic getaways in China present a mysterious extravaganza. Explore the age old history and natural beauty here. Beijing and Shanghai are the two most visited cities of the country.

Adventure, trek, relaxation, luxury, cuisine and romance - you have it all in China. A romantic trip to China, the land of enigmatic mystery, falls under the world's top travel itineraries. China is a perfect contrast of vast panorama of Tibet and the jostling city life of Shanghai, mouthwatering delicacies of Sìchuan and thirst quenching beer at Qingdao sea side. Walk through the city to witness some of the finest Chinese modern architectural creations along side colossal that speaks its own history. China is the most culturally and distinctively eccentric nation on earth

Romantic Places to Visit in China

Romantic Sightseeing in Beijing

Beijing came into limelight after hosting successfully the Olympics 2008. The city is a dwelling for nature as well as adventure lovers. Located on the eastern part of China, Beijing is the capital city of the county. Besides being a political hub, the city also has an enigmatic history to tell. Emperors and its people earlier used to staying within the walled Forbidden City. The Chinese government has now opened the place for visitors.

Beijing plays a perfect host to adventure sports lovers as well as romantic travelers to China. The city is a blend of dazzling global culture with cryptic age old history, audacious skyscrapers and prehistoric temples, most modern dance floors and maze like alleys and impudent houses.

The English speaking hotel staff of most of the hotels make the Beijing absolutely tourist friendly. The people in and around the city are warmhearted and welcoming. Traveling in Beijing is made easy with the underground metro system and more than enough taxis available throughout the day.

The Forbidden City of China is one of the prime tourists' attractions of Beijing. Nestling at the north of Tiananmen Square, this is an architectural splendor. Some antique furnishings used by the Emperors are also on display inside the Forbidden City.

After a much tiring day at the Forbidden City, the next morning all you need to do is stroll hand in hand along the alleys and parks around the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. The next stop could be at miss the 798 Art District, a bliss for all the art lovers.

A trip to China remains incomplete if you don't visit the Great Wall of China. A couple of hours drive will take you to a number of important points of the wall from Beijing. Book a car to select a less traveled part of the Wall and be a part of the history. The 4,000 winding miles of wall is something to remember for the rest of your life.


Romantic Trip to Shanghai

Eat, drink, dance, roam and shop around until you fall asleep - and do all that in one city, Shanghai. Besides the age old temples like Jade Buddha, Jingan, and Confucius Temple of the City of God, Shanghai also boasts of Art museums like Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, and MOCA Shanghai. Walk down the streets of the city to feel a flavor of the authentic Chinese culture. Bund, which was one a colony of British settlements, is one of the very popular tourists' attractions of Shanghai.

Romantic getaways in China would charm you to your heart's content and make you come back to this part of the world over and over again.