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Romantic Getaways in U.S. Virgin Islands - Attractions & Hotels

Sweep your sweetheart feet and take her on a Romantic Getaways in U.S. Virgin Islands. Make her feel on top of the world and show her some of the most romantic destination in US Virgin Island. Very few people are aware that the US Virgin Island is located in the Caribbean and some parts in United States of America.

Experience the serenity and get amazed with the most beautiful places in US Virgin Islands. Explore the untouched and take a break from the hustle-bustle of city life. The US Virgin Islands are also, named as Archipelago.

The major places worth visiting in US Virgin Islands are the three principal islands. The St. Croix is the largest of the all the three, St. John is considered to be the most pristine and St. Thomas is historically very rich.

Major attractions in US Virgin Islands


1. St. Croix - Take your beloved to the largest islands of US Virgin Islands. Christened in one of the two main towns with Danish influence - Fort Christiansen of 1774, Government house, the Old custom house and art gallery are the major historical sites to be worth visiting. The wharf area is also an incredible place you must go on your expedition to US Virgin Islands. Enjoy the chill rum at the Cruz Rum distillery and also, know how it is being made. Witness the beauty of 18th century plantations on your way to Frederiksted. Experience the natural beauty of tropical rain forest on your way to St. George Village Botanical Gardens and Croix Aquarium.

2. St. John - The most beautiful, serene and untouched islands of the US Virgin island is ST. John. The connectivity to this island is via road because; there are no airports and two-third of the islands' deep valleys. Go on a shopping spree to a small town named, Cruz bay that offers some excellent gifts and dive centers. Make your trip to US Virgin Islands worthy by visiting some of the exquisite beaches like, Trunk bay and luxurious resorts like, Caneel bay.

3. St. Thomas - Experience the splash of chilling water on your romantic getaway in US islands at the world's top 10 beaches in St. Thomas. This is the second largest island with all the cosmopolitan facilities.

4. Annaberg Sugar Tramway -Your interest in US history would be served after visiting the Annaberg Sugar Tramway. Your romantic getaways in U.S. Virgin Islands blends with nature, history, mystery and some incredible attractive places visiting worthwhile. This is the first sugar plantation which offers some excellent tours of you. Enjoy the historic impressive scenery at Annaberg Sugar Plantation.

5. Paradise point Tramway - On your expedition to this astounding spot, you might come across a big peak. This is named as, Charlotte Amalie and is more than 700 feet in height. You can enjoy your ride in a ropeway that is run on cables. This is definitely once in a lifetime opportunity so; why not plan in while on your romantic getaways in U.S. Virgin Islands.

6. Buck Island National Reef Monument - Lastly, Buck Island National Reef Monument is the most incredible tourist's spots in US Virgin Islands. Just as you cross St. Croix, you can find the prominent attractions with beautiful and huge natural reserve. Take a boat ride and explore some of the finest coral reefs present on the world today.

Getting some adventurous ideas in your mind? Snorkeling and diving are some of the major water sports for the people who simply loves thrill.

Best Hotels to stay in US Virgin Islands


  1. The Palms at Pelican Cove
  2. Gallows Point Resort
  3. Crystal Cove Beach Resort on Sapphire Bay
  4. The Buccaneer -- St Croix

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