Romantic Getaways in Martinique - Attractions & Hotels

Caribbean is known for its romantic destinations, weddings, honeymoons and romantic getaways. Surprise your sweetheart this December and plan some Romantic getaways in Martinique.

Famous for its secluded beaches, white sand and astounding destinations - expedition to Martinique can become your all time favorite romantic getaways.

Marvelous places to visit

Fort-de-France - Being the capital of Caribbean island of Martinique, Fort-de-France is completely mountainous region. The topography of Martinique is scenic with slopping lands moving downwards the coast into natural harbor. Vacation in Martinique is incomplete if, you miss Fort-de-France as it is the largest city in the French Antilles. Enjoy your shopping spree to check out the traditional wears and delicacies of amazing Martinique. Enjoy the ride on tiny ferries while on your romantic trip to Martinique. The exciting spots to visit in Fort-de-France are -

  1. The Schoelcher Library
  2. The Saint-Louis Cathedral
  3. Fort Saint-Louis
  4. La Savane
  5. The Vegetable Market
  6. Villa Bougenot
  7. Il Sacre Coeur di Balata
  8. The gardens of Balata
  9. The Parc Floral

St. Pierre - The picturesque of black sand beach and the sunrise at the Mt. Pelee cannot be missed. Take your sweetheart to this incredible sunrise and sunset point while on your romantic getaways in Martinique. This city holds back its long history and latest formations. Explore the mystical places in St. Pierre during your expedition to Martinique.

The volcano logical museum of St. Pierre is another interesting spot to discover the artifacts found from the volcanic eruptions.

Basse Pointe - A small city located on the slopes of Mount Pelee very near to the Atlantic coast of Martinique. The surrounding of Basse Pointe is lush green with heavy vegetation, blue sea and mountaineering ranges. The weather is extremely pleasant throughout the year. You can explore the breathtaking mountain tops by making some group trekking plans. Route De La Trace - Rich in its tropical forests and luxurious flora - Route De La Trace is the one of the most amazing destinations in Martinique. Traversing through the forests you descend to the Atlantic coast wading yourself from the cultivated lands.

Le Carbet - Another major tourist attraction on the land of Martinique is Le Carbet. This is known after Columbus landed on this island after his fourth vouyage in 1502.

Habitation Clement - The huge fields of sugar cane plantations which is open for public viewing. Go back to yesteryears and experience the serenity of natural habitation set in the backdrop of 17th century.

The south - To enjoy during your romantic getaways in Martinique the best bathing beaches can be found in the south. Most of the resorts are located in the southern region of Martinique. HMS Diamond rock is another visiting spot to explore about the history of Martinique.


Good hotels in Martinique


  1. Relais & Chateaux Cap Est Lagoon Resort And Spa - This five star hotel is one of its best at spa and resort services. For your romantic getaways in Martinique the tariff starts from $750 per room.
  2. Carayou Hotel And Spa - This marvelous hotel offers some special honeymoon suits, just for the two for you. Enjoy the best food and three star services at $220 per room.

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