Romantic Getaways in Guadeloupe - Attractions & Hotels

Make your expedition really memorable with the best romantic getaways in Guadeloupe. Guadeloupe beaches are considered top the best beaches in Caribbean. The reason for maximum tourism to these beaches is because they are the most amazing coastlines of Caribbean beaches. The entire coastline is bordered by crystal clear warm water and most of the surroundings are lush green with huge palm trees.

It is truly scenic to visit Guadeloupe beaches for reviving your love life. Water lover can always have a splashy enjoyment at beaches. The dazzling honey colored sandy shores envelopes the sparkling blue water making it the nest romantic getaways in Guadeloupe.

Most popular beaches in Guadeloupe

  1. Saint Franois
  2. Le Moule
  3. Grande Anse
  4. Ste Anne

Guadeloupe - a place for adventure and delicacy

For adventure loving people, Guadeloupe is the best place. Enjoy snorkeling and diving and not miss the incredible coral reefs near the beautiful beaches. You can also, have a closer look of the underwater creators at Pigeon Isles. Experience the magnificent underwater sanctuary with the sparkling water of Cousteau reserve - it's filled with multicolored fauna.

Hire a car or motor bike to explore the incredible places at for your romantic getaways in Guadeloupe. The most affordable means of transport is to getaway with a private vehicle.

Amazing Guadeloupe offers the most exquisite food you can ever relish. The delicacies at Guadeloupe are the best in whole of the Caribbean. With numerous hotels and restaurants specializing in French cuisines, you can binge on the most scrumptious sea food.

Islands at Guadeloupe

The entire island of Guadeloupe is divided into two sub islands - Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre. These two islands are separated by a salt river. Other two smaller island are Iles de la Saintes (a collection of four small islands in the South), Marie Galante (South), La Desirade (East). Another smaller island comes under La Desirade, anmed as lled des les petite-terre.


Enveloped with the coral reefs this white and black sandy beach enfolds cliffs and rolling hills along its way. The best romantic getaways in Grande-Terre are - Pointe-à-Pitre, Gosier, Saint-François, Pointe des Châteaux, Le Moule, Pointe de la Grande Vigie and Port-Louis (excellent diving spot).


It is also known as the low land. Contrary to it name - Basse_terre is the highest and largest island of Guadeloupe to the east. Flora and fauna are the two main reasons for visiting this island. The National Park of Guadeloupe is the major attractions of Basse-Terre. Other adventurous places in Basse-Terre are La Route de la Traversee, La Soufriere Volcano, Capesterre-Belle-Eau and Severin distillery in Sainte Rose.

Best hotels in Guadeloupe

Enjoy your stay at the best hotels in during your romantic getaways in Guadeloupe. Luxury hotels like - Hotel Guanahan offers different types of rooms with lush tropical setting on St. Barthelemy, LA Banane is another great hotel where you can experience tranquility and comfort. Le Tom Beach Hotel offers colonial style accommodations with its private beaches and outdoor pool services. You can also enjoy golf at Club Med La Caravcelle with some luxury spa and resort facilities.

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