Romantic Getaways in Grenada

You have always dreamt your honeymoon to be amidst the beauty of oceans and lavish beaches. Romantic gateways in Grenada could be just the destination that you might have been looking for. It is sovereign state as well as an island country that comprise of the island of Grenada. It is situated at southeast of Caribbean Sea.

It is said that the Caribbean has always been the most treasured haunt among the honeymoon couples. The beautiful backdrop of the oceans and the waves create a perfect atmosphere for romance. You can almost transport yourself to a wonderland of romance with in the serene romantic escapades in Grenada.

Romantic Destinations in Grenada

There are many a things to do and places to visit with your beloved. Some of the best romantic gateways in Grenada are given below:-

  1. Both of you can visit one of the most romantic locales known as the Grand Anse Beach, renowned globally. You can enjoy the tranquil waters and the vast sandy beaches by taking a walk over it or undertaking some water sports.
  2. You can also plan a romantic surprise for your partner, and take him/her to a picnic at the Concord Falls. Enjoy the ambiance with the view of the crystal clear waters and the small pools. Most couples take part in swimming here.
  3. Shopping and marketing goes hand in hand in any casual or romantic trip. Both of you can be apart of the Saturday morning Market Square and visit the local stalls selling various items from food to cloth pieces.
  4. You can also indulge in a weekend getaway to two of the magnificent and lovely islands of Grenada, known as the Petit Mantinique and Carriacou. Add some spunk and pep up your honeymoon as you take part in water activities like snorkeling and diving.
  5. Another place that you must visit is Mt.Carmel Waterfall which is known as the island's highest waterfall. It is reported to be two different falls where the water tumbles from an altitude of 70 feet to the pools located below. It sure is a beautiful sight that you both should watch together. You can also take some beautiful pictures together against the breathtaking backdrop.
  6. The River Sallee boiling springs is also one of the best romantic attractions in Grenada. It is said that the newly wed couples must visit this place and Lake Antoine which is yet another beautiful spot. These places are noted for their unusual volcanic geology and the springs are said to be nature's wishing well. Both you and your partner can visit the site and can wish for a happily married life with each other. Nothing else can be a better start to a life full of love and happiness.

Romantic getaways in Grenada also include a trip to places like Carib's Leap, Grand Etang, and the Levera National Park. All these places with their natural beauty and soothing atmosphere allure the honeymoon couples.

You need not worry about hotels and accommodations as they are available in all ranges to suit your pocket and budget. If you have been thinking about your honeymoon for a while now, then a romantic vacation to Grenada is a good choice. You are sure going to have the most beautiful and memorable honeymoon.


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