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Romantic Getaways in Dominican Republic - Attractions & Things to Do

We all want our honeymoon to be in some quite place, that is far from the city hustle bustle and has a beauty of its own. If this is exactly what you think and want, then romantic getaways in Dominican Republic is the right choice for you. It is known to be one of the most sought after romantic destinations in the world.

Dominican Republic is part of the Caribbean Islands of Hispaniola and also Haiti. The topography there is a blend of high mountains, deep rainforests, deserts with cactus plants, rocky cliffs, and fertile valleys. With such a diverse mixture it surely is a point of attraction for tourists as well as honeymoon couples. Romantic escapades in Dominican Republic will make you experience in the rich African, Spanish, Haitian and French influences and the breathtaking landscapes would add romance to your honeymoon vacation.

Dominican Republic is a great place to visit with your spouse on a causal romantic holiday or honeymoon and have a good time together.

Dominican Republic Environment

It is important that you run a check on the environment of the place you wish to visit for your honeymoon trip. Dominican Republic is situated centrally between North and South America and is shared by the Caribbean Sea. It is slightly bigger than Netherlands, but almost of the same size to that of Maryland.


Romantic Places in Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic has several places of attraction for the honeymoon couples. They can visit these places and share some quite romantic moments with their partners. Few of the notable sites that you and your partner can explore are given below:-

Punta Cana

If you are looking at luxurious beaches and serene surroundings then Punta Cana is an ideal choice for you. Whether it's your first or second honeymoon, you would surely enjoy the beaches and the long walk together hand in hand over the wet sand at sunset. It is also interesting to note the Bill and Hillary Clinton also chose Punta Cana as their first escapade back in 2001 after leaving the White House.

Playa Grande

If you keep keen interest in golfing, Playa Grande is going to welcome you with its wide lavish golf courses. Many couples and tourists consider the Playa Grande Golf Course as one of the best amongst the existing golf courses. It also offers you some of the best beaches in the world. If you and your partner know swimming then you can participate in swimming and other water sports activities.

Santo Domingo

On your honeymoon to Dominique Republic, you must visit Santo Domingo which is known as the oldest city in the New World. Both of you can visit the first hospital and cathedral and explore history of the place. You can also take a stroll together through the cobble stoned streets and have a look at the Spanish colonial architectural design. This creates in old world feel dating back to the 1600's.

Puerto Plata

If you are seeking a romantic journey in Dominique Republic with an attractive package and several places to visit, you can choose Puerto Plata. The romantic getaways in Puerto Plata are Maimon, Luperon, Cofresi, and Playa Dorada.


Things to do in Dominique Republic

Romantic getaways in Dominique Republic have lot more in its bouquet. The outdoor activity that you can undertake along with your partner includes swimming, golfing, tennis, and other water sports. You can also take weekend trip to the city and indulge in shopping and the exciting nightlife.

You can also have a glimpse of the dance forms of bachata and be a part of the fine cuisine delicacies. One of the famous deserts is Meringue. A trip to the city museums would make you see the old and ancient relic. Other escapades would include the national parks and activities like windsurfing, scuba diving, and kite boarding which would add fun and thrill to your honeymoon.

Romantic getaways in Dominique also allows you to enjoy the casinos, savor the cocktails, along with a sumptuous platter in the restaurants, strolling on the beaches, and many more. Your honeymoon would be one of the best journeys here.



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