Romantic Getaways in Dominica - Attractions & Things to Do

When we think of our honeymoon, we think of images like the open sky, lovely horizon, sand beaches, exciting nightlife, and the like. Romantic getaways in Dominica sums up for all of that and many more. Dominica is said to be an island nation in the Caribbean Sea region. The location itself is exotic and is a favorite honeymoon destination for many couples.

Romantic sites in Dominica are many amidst the natural surroundings and the breathtaking sceneries. It takes you far away from the hustle bustle of the busy world, where both you and your beloved can share some quite romantic moments. You have the small secluded beautiful towns as well as the waterfalls that transports you and your beloved to a world of romance.

Romantic Destinations in Dominica

Both you and your beloved can visit Roseau which is a vibrant, colorful town known for its beautiful buildings. You can walk hand in hand with your partner as you explore the town and glimpse over the beautiful architecture of the place. Another place where you can chance upon together is the Dominica Museum. It is a wonderful feeling to explore the history of a place together.

Relax yourselves and enjoy the summers amidst the beautiful botanical gardens of Dominica. With the lush green scenery around along with the trees and plants, these gardens are a calm retreat for you and your beloved.

Things to see in Dominica

Romantic getaways in Dominica also comprise of a visit to the Roman Catholic Church, which is well known for its interiors in gothic design and stone edifice. Carnivals are famous in Roseau and the best time to visit the place for carnivals and celebrations is in the month of November. It is an amazing feeling being a part of the celebrations and merriment.

Both you and your partner can have a silent relaxing time sitting beside River Layou. You also can enjoy swimming as most couples do. A nearby place to visit from here is the Northern Forest reserve that covers majority of Dominica's interiors. You can glance over the myriad variety of flora and fauna found here.

Other places that you can visit here are Portsmouth, which is one of the largest cities. The Carbits National Park in Dominica is yet another exciting site of attraction. Both of you can take a boat ride up the Indian River and then explore the park. On your way back you can spend the afternoon or evening at Fort Shirley. This is a splendid fort that dates back to 18th century and was built by the British.

Emerald Pool in Dominica is another romantic haunts you can visit with your beloved and share some sweet moments together.

Hotels and resorts are available in all ranges from being expensive to affordable as per your budget. You can also opt for some of the attractive honeymoon package resorts with discounts and other complimentary services.

It doesn't matter if it's your first honeymoon or second, romantic getaways in Dominica will make the journey a memorable one.

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