Romantic Getaways in Bonaire

You sure do want your honeymoon to be a secret retreat into the silent waves and golden horizon. Romantic getaways in Bonaire could be just the ideal honeymoon destination for you. An island located in the Netherlands, Bonaire with is filled with a scenic beauty, that is going to allure you and your beloved. The Caribbean has always been one of the most desired spot for romantic couples. It could be your honeymoon or just a casual trip together, a romantic escapade in Bonaire is sure to add that magic sparkle in your love life.

Let us have a look at some of the romantic sites in Bonaire that you both can visit.

Romantic Destinations in Bonaire

The island is known for its vast stretches of sandy beaches, the serene blue water, and a warm temperate climate. Needless to say, it makes up for a perfect honeymoon setting. You can spend some lone time with your partner in the beaches. A walk together over the wet sand or a laid back conversation beside the trees will weave out a fairytale romance for you.

Some of the best beaches in Bonaire are Lac Bay, Pink Beach, Playa Frans, Bachelor Beach, and Playa Funchi. You can add some excitement to your honeymoon by undertaking water sports like shore snorkeling and shore diving. Water sports with their fun and adventure always adds spunk and zing to your trip. It gives you the time to be with each other and have fun as well.

Apart from the beaches if you would want to see some other sere places then you both can visit the much talked about Marine Park. It is known as one of the best romantic spots in Bonaire and is situated in a breathtaking coral reef. Both of you can explore the marine life together and the beautiful flora and fauna. Romantic getaways in Bonaire promise you all this and many more.

Shopping in Bonaire

Shopping is yet another thing that goes hand in hand with your honeymoon. Pampering your partner with sweet and luxurious gifts is one the best things you can do. You can visit several gifts shops and can buy some of the best quality wine from Antillean Wine Company. Sometimes the beaches in the island also have small stalls from where you can buy items like dry food, jewellery, cloth pieces and the like. To spend sometime amidst nature you can book passes for both of you in Sorobon Beach Resort.

Honeymoon Accommodation in Bonaire

You would certainly love to have a wonderful romantic vacation on Bonaire depending on your budget capacity. The hotels and other accommodations in Bonaire range from being expensive to affordable rates. Nightlife too exciting and fun filled with carnivals, pubs and lounge. Both of you can be part of the festivals and dance shows that happen on the beaches during the carnival.

Honeymoon or a romantic trip with our beloved is all about reliving some special romantic moments. These moments would remain forever memorable. Romantic Getaways in Bonaire with its magnificent romantic spots and places allow you cherish your bond together and make you fall in love once again.

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