Romantic Getaways in Bermuda - Attractions & Hotels

Bermuda is located approximately 600 miles away from North Carolina coast. It is in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Stream keeps the weather of the place warm and pleasant. Bermuda comprises islands that are loosely linked with each other and serves as one of the romantic getaways. So, romantic getaways in Bermuda are what you should be looking forward to if you are planning an intimate vacation with your spouse.

The name Bermuda is derived from its explorer, Juan Bermudaz who set his foot on these islands sometime around 1503. One of the interesting aspects of Bermuda, one of the well known islands of the Caribbean is that the sand is pink in color unlike white sand, which you will find in other beaches. The water is crystal clear and turquoise in color.

Romantic getaways in Bermuda - How you can enjoy your vacation?

There are many ways in which you can make the best use of the time you are spending together. Enjoy things that you have always longed for to enjoy in togetherness. Some of the places where both of you can visit or few tours and trips that you two can undertake include the following -

  1. Aquatic Bermuda tour
  2. Horseshoe Bay Beach
  3. Gibb's Hill Lighthouse
  4. Triangle Diving
  5. Tobacco Bay Beach
  6. Blue Hole Park
  7. Crystal and Fantasy Caves
  8. Snorkel in Bermuda
  9. Jesse James Cruises etc

Where can you put up in Bermuda?

Accommodation is an important aspect of any vacation. And finding the right kind of accommodation is even more important. Check out the names of hotels that you will find in Bermuda. The hotel policies may differ from one hotel to another. For instance, few hotels in Bermuda may have check out time different as compared to other hotels.

  1. Pompano Beach Club
  2. Royal Palms Hotel
  3. The Reefs
  4. Cambridge Beaches
  5. Newstead Belmont Hills Hotel
  6. 9 Beaches Resort
  7. Tucker's Point Hotel and Spa etc

Reaching Bermuda

Bermuda International Airport is the one and only airport in Bermuda. Although the airport is not very big, it has all the modern facilities, an airport can have. It includes food kiosks, duty free shop, and gift shops etc.

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