Romantic Getaways in Barbados - Attractions and Hotels

One of the Caribbean Islands where you will often find celebrities hovering around or basking in the sun, this island is essentially a favorite among eminent personalities from the cine world. And if you are looking out for romantic getaways in Barbados, be prepared to catch a glimpse of your favorite stars like Mick Jagger and Steven Seagal etc.

Since it is a hub for the cine artists, it goes without saying that hotels and restaurants cater to the people belonging to the upper strata too. This necessarily doesn't mean that people looking out for economical getaways will not find anything suitable for them. In addition to the rugged shores, white sandy beaches, cool winds, you will also find another feature that contributes to the beauty of this island. These are the cliffs made of limestone.

Tourist attractions in Barbados
Romantic getaways in Barbados can be regarded as a complete package where you can fuse romance with fun, good food, sightseeing, quiet evenings together, beach walks, beach hopping etc.

Set off on a cruise, visit the historical places, try horse riding etc. Mentioned below are the trips/tours and various other recreational activities that you can indulge in.

  1. Calabaza Sailing Cruises
  2. Barry's Surf Barbados Surf School
  3. Silver Moon Charters
  4. Tiami Catamaran Sailing Cruises
  5. Barbados Surf Trips
  6. St. Nicholas Abbey
  7. Segway Barbados
  8. Atlantis Submarine
  9. Caribbean International Riding Center etc


Hotels in Barbados
Choose the right hotel so that you feel like returning to your room so that you can unwind and relax after a tiring day out at the beach. Not all hotels will offer the same facilities and services. You will also come across many hotels offering discounts to its guests.

The fact that more and more hotels are coming up owing to increase in tourist inflow every year, the competition among the hotel owners has increased too. In an effort to get more clients and customers or to lure the existing customers so that they come back again, attractive incentives are often extended by these hotels.

Most of the well known hotels and resorts have hosted their websites to reach better to the travelers around the world. So, you can compare prices, services, and packages from the comfort of your home or office if you intend to set off for romantic getaways in Barbados. The names of few of the hotels you will come across are mentioned hereunder-


  1. Little Arches Hotel
  2. Sugar Cane Club Hotel & Spa
  3. Cobblers Cove
  4. Peach and Quiet
  5. Bougainvillea Beach Resort
  6. Sandy Lane Hotel
  7. Port St. Charles
  8. Legend Garden Condos
  9. All Seasons Resort Europa
  10. Mango Bay Resort etc

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