Romantic Getaways in Bahamas - Hotels and Things to do

Technically speaking, Bahamas is located outside the periphery of Caribbean. But that shouldn't make any difference because at the end of the day what matters is how worthwhile and fun-filled your holiday has been.

Romantic getaways in Bahamas should not have any geographical limitations. There are as many 700 islands that are distributed like tiny shells on shallow water. The fact that Bahamas is an archipelago of islands makes it impossible for you to tour around or explore all of them. As such you can choose to visit only few of them. They are -

  1. The Out Islands
  2. Nassau/Paradise Island
  3. Grand Bahama Island

Once you reach the Bahamas, shed all your worries and just let your hair down. Bahamas offers ample opportunity to explore its bounties of nature.

Things to do in Bahamas

Recreation activities while you are on romantic getaways in Bahamas are galore. Choose one that suits your mood and both of you can enjoy. Besides there are many local trips and tours you can undertake when you travel to Bahamas. Check out the following activities and trips that can be undertaken.


  1. Trikk Pony Adventures
  2. Andros Driving
  3. Blue lagoon Island
  4. Powerboat Adventures
  5. Dive Abaco
  6. Gold Rock Beach
  7. Roberts Island Adventures
  8. Dolphin Close Encounter
  9. Castaway Cay
  10. Elbow Cay
  11. Deadman's Reef etc


Hotels in Bahamas

Romantic getaways in Bahamas is not just about boarding a flight from your hometown and landing at your destination. An important aspect you need to take into account is accommodation. Since Bahamas is a tourist destination, it remains crowded practically throughout the year. So, you need to compare tariff and services offered by the hotels.

There are many hotels that offer all inclusive packages. And interestingly, few of them extend discounts to newly wed couples or couples who have come to this part of the globe for romantic encounters.

Try to avail these discounts and find out about the different romantic packages you can opt for if you put up at the hotel. However, in majority of the cases, tourists book their packages prior to checking in into the hotel. They either get the bookings done by a travel agent or opt for online hotel booking.

As far as arranging for sightseeing is concerned, you can enquire at the help desk of the hotel reception. Many hotels in Bahamas arrange trips and tours to the beaches and will take you to the different parts of the island, so that you can get to know the islands in Bahamas better.

Given below are the names of the hotels that you can check out in Bahamas.


  1. Emerald Palms by Sea
  2. Powell Pointe Resort, Cape Eleuthera
  3. Kamalame Cay
  4. Grand Isle Resort & Spa
  5. Small Hope Bay Lodge
  6. Cocodimama Eleuthera
  7. Sky Beach Club
  8. The Reef Atlantis
  9. Fernandez Bay Village etc

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