Romantic Getaways in Aruba - Hotels and Things to do

Refreshing trade winds keep the weather of Aruba pleasant throughout the year. The average temperature is around 82 degrees. According to statistical data, the island draws as many as 800,000 tourists worldwide. Some of the factors like renowned beaches, perfect weather, and hospitality of the people create avenues for romantic getaways in Aruba. Not only that, in addition to the factors mentioned above, options for recreational activities, safety and security are other factors that make people want to come back for more.

Majority of the tourists are from United States, especially from states of Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. Other countries include Colombia, Canada, Argentina, Holland, and Germany.

What makes Aruba special?
Romantic getaways in Aruba are an ideal way to get closer to your special person. Undisturbed beaches, shining white sand, and magnificent seascapes make it a favorite spot for the two.

In fact, there are many people who prefer to get married on this Caribbean island. Moreover, the place offers ample opportunity to indulge in recreational activities that both of you can enjoy and have an experience of a lifetime. This can be ideal place not just for the young couples. But if you have completed may be your 25th or 50th wedding anniversary and you want to turn back the clock to the time when you first met your spouse or shared special moments, Aruba can be an ideal place.

Things to do in Aruba

Besides lazing on the beach and taking silent walks, there are innumerable recreational and fun-filled activities you can take part in. Visiting the different places of interest will help you to unveil the history of Aruba. Given below are few activities or trips you can try out while you are on romantic getaways in Aruba.

  1. The Blue Melody
  2. Strea Charters
  3. Aruba Salsa
  4. Arashi Beach
  5. Madagascar Adventures in Aruba
  6. Skydive
  7. Jolly Pirates Cruises
  8. Hooiberg
  9. Numismatic Museum etc

Hotels in Aruba

Once you have decided about setting off for romantic getaways in Aruba, find out about the hotels and when you should visit. There are many hotels that offer honeymoon and romantic packages. So, when you put up at these hotels, you will get a surprise gift and similar stuff like that. Check out the packages and the services they offer. Given below are few hotels that you can check out in Aruba.


  1. Bucuti Beach Resort
  2. Paradera Park
  3. Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino
  4. Boardwalk Vacation Retreat
  5. Amsterdam Manor Beach Resort
  6. Aruba Beach Villas
  7. Radisson Aruba Resort etc

Cultural Events in Aruba
While you are on romantic getaways in Aruba, you can enjoy the cultural events that take place. Some of the cultural events are as follows -


  1. Dande
  2. The Aguinaldo
  3. Dera Gai or Burying the Rooster event
  4. Musical Morning
  5. Bon Bini Festival etc

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