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Romantic Getaways in Antigua & Barbuda - Activities & Hotels

The Caribbean islands have safe harbors, warm winds, and a coral reef structure that is continuous and not broken. It has 365 beaches and there are 365 days in a year! So, unless you have enough time for the romantic getaways in Antigua & Barbuda, you will not be able to explore all of them. However, you cannot take a year's off from your daily chores and daily life, so visit those beaches that you think will make your trip to Antigua & Barbuda worthwhile and full of fun, fiesta, and frolic.

Antigua & Barbuda in yesteryears
In the year 1784 Admiral Horatio Nelson sailed to this part of the globe to establish the Caribbean base. It is interesting to note how after several years, this place has become a favorite tourist destination for innumerable tourists from all over the world.

Spending time with your loved one is essentially what you look forward to when you visit this place after your wedding or for that matter you are visiting this place with your fiance/ fiancee. Away from the hullabaloo of urban life, there is no better place than to know each other better. And romantic getaways in Antigua & Barbuda are what you should be looking forward to.

Recreational activities in Antigua & Barbuda
There are many activities you can look forward to when you travel to Antigua & Barbuda. These recreational activities are mentioned below. You can visit various places or take part in the outdoor activities.

  1. Creole Cruises Antigue
  2. Miramar Sailing
  3. Luxury Safari tours
  4. Beach tours
  5. Sea Wolf Diving School
  6. Adventure trip on Chartered Yacht
  7. Lawrence of Antigua
  8. Paddles Snorkel
  9. Kayaking
  10. Underwater adventure in Antigua & Barbuda
  11. Shirley Heights etc

Accommodation in Antigua & Barbuda
Star rated and cheap hotels are equally in demand in these Caribbean islands. If you want to spend a lavish vacation with your beloved, you can opt for the expensive ones. And if you want to get good service at lower cost without the frills and fancies, opt for the economy hotels. Given below is a list of hotels in Antigua & Barbados. Check them out.


  1. Galley Bay Resort
  2. Hermitage Bay
  3. Curtain Bluff Resort
  4. Reef View Apartments
  5. Verandah Resort & Spa
  6. Siboney Beach Club
  7. Cocos Antigua
  8. Jumby Bay etc

Important facts about Antigua & Barbuda
Given below are few reasons why people travel all the way from their countries for romantic getaways in Antigua & Barbuda. They are -


  1. It is regarded as one of the best destinations where weddings can be held.
  2. Turquoise water is crystal clear
  3. Trade winds are soothing and it is warm and sunny all year through
  4. Sailing week is celebrated with great pomp and show
  5. Hotels are available in the category of economy as well as expensive hotels.
  6. Rated as best place for spiritual healing and rejuvenation
  7. Since language spoken is mainly English, visitors don't have any problem understanding the language of the local people.

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