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Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan - Attractions and Hotels

Saskatchewan is a place of abundant beauty. As the prairie province of Canada, this place welcomes romantics with its open skies and utmost freshness. Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan are just where you want to be in, after a heavy work life. It's the escape which both you and your partner want.

With such natural wealth as its treasures, the Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan gets you addicted to this place. Away from the hassles of life, you and your loved one can breathe fresh air in this province which has lesser crowds and smaller cities.

What to expect at Saskatchewan
Saskatchewan is a place for romantics. People with finer tastes of beauty will not be disappointed on visiting the Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan. This Canadian province is famous as the "land of the living skie" and indeed justifies its name with several open and wide spaces and outstanding sunsets.

Apart from the scenic extravagance, Saskatchewan also presents other romantic getaways like historic sites, art galleries, theatres, and romantic cafes. And if you plan to explore nature's wonders with your special someone, this place has plenty of wildlife to be enjoyed. You cannot help but feel more and more romantic with beautiful lakes, breathtaking views of sunsets, forests, magnanimous fields and many more to allure you and your partner.

Major Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan:

  1. Little Manitou Lake: This is a beautiful lake, which lies near the Watrous Town. This lake has unique significance. It possesses therapeutic value and has body care properties than very few lakes in the world possess.
  2. Prince Albert National Park of Canada: This is a magnificent forest that shelters wildlife and also takes care of coniferous forests.
  3. Grasslands National Park of Canada: This is a must visit place as it shows excellent prairie grasses and badlands. This region also has unique collection of fossils of dinosaurs. With such excellent ancient preservations, Grasslands National Park is one of its kinds.
  4. Chaplin Nature Centre: Want to feel like a free bird with your sweetheart? Well! You can take some lessons from these beautiful shorebirds. Chaplin Nature Centre has 30 species of these beautiful creatures, and several others like Piping Plover and Avocet. This is indeed a wonderful place to visit.
  5. Prince Albert National Park: This is an interesting place that contains boreal forests. There is a vast stretch of unexplored lakes, rivers and land. Lovers can expect to have fun here with several adventure trips and then also find a contrast of peaceful beaches. This place sticks on to your memory with special mentions of places like Grey Owl's Cabin and many more.
  6. Regina: This is just the place you badly want to be in when you think of escaping the noise and the crowds of city life. It's a small city with pretty lakes, tree lined smooth streets and beautiful buildings that make it a peaceful place to visit. This place also boasts of excellent museums that attracts people to its rare collections.
  7. Saskatoon: This place is filled with prairies. Saskatoon is one of the important places of Saskatchewan which has exquisite wealth of nature. This place offers a change from the expanded farmlands to beautiful river valleys, posh architecture and a vibrant downtown.

Other Attractions of Saskatchewan:
With such a blend of nature as well other urban attraction, Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan gives the pleasure that you have been craving for during this vacation. Some of these attractions include:


  1. RCMP Sunset Retreat
  2. Saskatchewan Legislative Buildings
  3. Museum Government House
  4. Fort Carlton- Fur Trade Centre
  5. Legislative Chamber

Some Romantic Hotels in Saskatchewan:

  1. Manitou Springs Hotel & Mineral Spa
  2. Temple Gardens Mineral Spa Resort
  3. Delta Regina
  4. Radisson Plaza Hotel
  5. South Hill Inn
  6. Sheraton Cavalier Saskatoon

Best time to visit Saskatchewan:

The Romantic Getaways in Saskatchewan can be visited any time during the year. Although, Mid Spring and the end of spring is the best time to visit Saskatchewan owing to its good weather conditions at this time. Summers are hotter although its evenings are cooler and hence also recommended.

With so much under one roof, one can't think of going to some other place. Saskatchewan's natural elegance, historical as well as cultural wealth is worth a visit.

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