Romantic Getaways in Quebec - Attractions and Hotels

Quebec is a unique province of Canada, as it is the only place that has French as its official language. Romantic Getaways in Quebec takes you to a journey of this French speaking place and presents several interesting locations for you to be explored.

Quebec has the largest area among all other Canadian provinces. You can indeed have a splendid time with your partner by visiting Quebec. Being, one of the most ideal locations for a wonderful trip, the Romantic Getaways in Quebec promises more than scenic beauty.

What to expect at Quebec:

Quebec is a province of several mixed attractions. With beautiful National Parks, Sea view parks, huge landscapes, excellent hills with forests and sensuous islands, Quebec also has a treasure of historic monuments and places of World history. This Canadian province is a real treat to lovers who come to have a cozy time with their partner and explore important places at the same time.

Major Attractions  in Quebec:

  1. Quebec City: Being the capital of Quebec, this city has a historical elegance. It proudly is the only fortified city and one of the oldest cities of North America. Quebec City's Old Town is known for its historic inheritance.
  2. Quebec Countryside: Couples can have a great time here amidst beautiful lakes, magnanimous forests and extensive farmlands. Quebec's countryside also attracts people with its rich French heritage of Historical importance.
  3. Montreal: Montreal is a beautiful place which attracts young lovers to its historical buildings and colorful boutique shops. This place also has wonderful wandering streets for u to walk hand-in-hand with your sweetheart and further explore this destination.
  4. Charlevoix: This region exists as an attractive place to visitors who expect their summers to be excellent one. With whale watching, beautiful art galleries and extended farmlands, one can't help but feel relaxed on visiting this wonderful place.
  5. Forillon National Park of Canada: This is a spectacular location of Quebec and offers an extravagant view of the land and the sea. This Quebec attraction is known as "Jewel of the Gaspe" which signifies the meeting of land and the sea.
  6. Mingan Archipelago National Park Reserve of Canada: This is another beautiful location that lovers just can't afford to miss. A place of real scenic beauty, this Quebec pride is a string of mesmerizing islands which are cut out by the sea.
  7. La Mauricie National Park of Canada: An amazing location, this National Park shelters several lakes which pass through the forested hills. This wonderful location with scenic beauty is also a place for portage and canoe activities.

Other Attractions of Quebec:
Quebec has a strong historical presence along with beauty in abundance. Those in love can't miss out on the several surprises that this province of Canada gives. Quebec has natural wonders like waterfalls, canyons, craters, rivers and so on which attracts couples every year to this place. Some of the other places to visit are:


  1. Saguenay- St. Lawrence Marine Park
  2. Hautes- Gorges-de-la-Riviere-Malbaie
  3. Nunavik
  4. Parc national de la Gaspesie
  5. Montmorency Falls
  6. Chaudiere Falls

Some Romantic Hotels:

  1. Auberge Le Vincent
  2. Hotel Dominion 1912
  3. Maison du Fort
  4. Auberge Aux Deux Lions
  5. L' Auberge a la Croisee Des Chemins

Best Time to visit Quebec:

Quebec can be visited any time during the year. Best would be to visit Quebec during September and October. With a good weather and lesser crowd you and your loved one can explore more of Quebec and also enjoy the change in the foliage with the changing season. Make your stay at the Romantic Getaways in Quebec a comfortable one, by visiting in these months.

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