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Romantic Getaways in Prince Edward Island - Attractions and Hotels

A romantic holiday at Prince Edward Island is not at all a bad idea. With such colorful scenic presence, the Romantic Getaways of Prince Edward Island is indeed a surprise pack when it comes to touring. Romantics can just not have enough of this cute little province of Canada.

Surrounded by lush greenery and standing proud with its beautiful landscape, the Romantic Getaways in Prince Edward Island are a delight to sweet lovers who choose to come here. This beautiful province of Canada is sheltered on the sensuous waves of Gulf of St. Lawrence.

What to expect at Prince Edward Island:

This is a soothing place to be in for romantics. With long stretches of sandy beaches, lovers can relax and have a lovely time with each other. Prince Edward Island doesn't stop here. It presents even more outstanding features to make you just love this place. Red cliffs and charming countryside view can make you long for some more time for your vacation at this province. Not to mention, the romantic drives which you can take when enjoying each other's company at these Romantic Getaways of Prince Edward Island.

Major Romantic Getaways in Prince Edward Island:

  1. Prince Edward Island National Park: A beautiful national park that delight every lover with its excellent sand beaches with red sand. The beaches here are also famous in attracting people for some summer time swimming and fun. Romantics can't ask for anything else if they can enjoy these beaches, walking hand in hand with their loved ones.
  2. Charlottetown: This is yet another place that boasts of scenic beauty as well as historical importance. Charlotte Town is the capital of Prince Edward Island. It consists of the Old Charlottetown which is the historic district belonging to the 19th century. One can't miss the unique blend of nature's beauty presence and historical elegance of Charlottetown.
  3. Avonlea- Village of Green Gables: This is a place that takes you to a different world of imagination. The Avonlea village is an exciting place to be in. It makes you float into Prince Edward Island's favorite story," Anne of Green Gables" as you enter this wonderful village. Romantics can enjoy the hospitality of this place and take part in several interesting activities of this village.
  4. Wood Islands Highland: This is a unique lighthouse as it presents several memories attached to it. The lighthouse has themed rooms that make it a real attraction to visitors.
  5. Southwestern Prince Edward Island: Romantics can have a gala time at this place. It boasts of the beautiful Dunes Provincial Park which lies as a main attraction. Apart from all, the lovers can expect to indulge in romantic activities like forest walks, swimming, fishing and other exciting beach activities.
  6. Confederation Trail: This is just the place for both of you to take a romantic cycling ride or just a stroll. Not just this you can indulge yourself in the golf course too.
  7. East Point Lighthouse & Welcome Centre: This is one beautiful place that you can't miss. With so many romantic activities that can be done, you just wish to spend more time here with your significant someone. This place has picnic spots, cafes, and shops and so on. This place also lets you watch playful seals, lovely birds and a top view from the tower.
  8. Wyatt Historic House Museum: This is indeed an interesting place that takes you to an animated journey of the Wyatt family. You can even be a part of some of the themed tours and have a memorable experience here.

Other Attractions of Prince Edward Island:

Prince Edward Island may be the smallest province of Canada, but it offers a whole lot of splendid options of tour to couples from all over the world. Some of the other attractions are:


  1. St. Joseph's Prayer Garden
  2. Orwell Corner Historic Village
  3. Acadian Museum/ Musee Acadien
  4. A.A.MacDonald Memorial Gardens
  5. Kings Castle Provincial Park
  6. Farmer's Bank of Rustico & Doucet House Museum
  7. Rossignol Estate Winery

Some Romantic Hotels:

  1. Islander
  2. Quality Inn and Suites
  3. Cavendish Country Inn & Cottages
  4. Delta Prince Edward
  5. Dundee Arms an Eden Property
  6. Briarwood Inn, Cottage and Lodge
  7. Econo Lodge Charlottetown

Best time to visit Prince Edward Island:

Late summer or early Fall can be the best time to visit the Romantic Getaways in Prince Edward Island. Although, a beautiful place like this can be visited any time during the year.

Referred as "The Gentle Island", this place certainly justifies its name and lets you have loads of enjoyment. Apart from all the places that you can visit, this tiny province also gives you immense opportunities to indulge in several fun filled activities like cycling, fishing, shopping and so on. So, just pack your bags and come over to explore the Romantic Getaways in Prince Edward Island.

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