Romantic Getaways in Ontario - Attractions and Hotels

Ontario is a place which offers a combination of scenic beauty as well as amusement activities. Romantic Getaways in Ontario presents everything that you can expect in your vacation.

Ontario lies on the east- central part of Canada. This province of Canada ranks second in total area after Quebec and First, in terms of population. The Romantic Getaways in Ontario boasts of extravagance of scenic beauty with several fun filled activities to make your vacation a pleasurable one.

What to expect at Ontario:

What can be more tempting than presence of sparkling blue watered lakes and exotic locations for your perfect vacation. You and your special someone can have an excellent time together, when you visit these Romantic Getaways in Ontario. To make your vacation a special one, Ontario presents magical attractions like, waterfalls, lakes, parks, historic sites, amazing farmlands, green valleys and so on. Apart from these nature's wonders, you can also have gallons of fun by involving in enjoyable activities like fishing, skiing, hiking and so on.

Major Romantic Attractions in Ontario:

  1. Credit River Valley: This place presents several scenic views of the countryside with farmlands, valleys, and parks for fishing, hiking, skiing and so on. There are several historical villages too which offers excellent opportunity for antique and boutique shopping.
  2. Niagara Peninsula: With its magical attraction, the Niagara Falls is one of the most attractive places that romantics want to visit. Niagara Peninsula also has historic sites, wineries, forts and beautiful rivers in its kitty, to allure you and your sweetheart.
  3. Historic Merrickville: This is a village of 19th century that has been voted as "Canada's most beautiful village in 1998". It has a rich and historic presence with excellent art galleries, several artists and beautiful studios. With so much to its name, Merrickville certainly attracts romantics to this wonderful place.
  4. Lake Simcoe: Lake Simcoe welcomes lovers with its beautiful white sandy beaches, sparkling blue watered lakes, and pretty parks and so on. You can dream of a great time in this place that attracts you with several other activities like ice- skating, golf, fishing and so on.
  5. Kingston Area: Kingston is a city of historic elegance. It has several historic homes, Ft. Henry, huge stone fort above the harbor and well preserved limestone. This city is a historical city in true sense with so many historical places to visit.
  6. African Lion Safari: It's an adventure worth taking especially for romantic couples. One of its kind, this safari ride leaves you mesmerized watching, various creatures from all over the world. You can avail the guided safari bus tour and also enjoy other magnificent rides like the "African Queen", "Nature Boy". Apart from all this, some more surprises awaits you here. So watch out!
  7. Kawartha Lakes: These 17 beautiful lakes are a major attraction which one can't afford to miss. With scenic presence, you can have fun with fishing activities, golfing, hiking and so on.
  8. 1000 Islands Skydeck: One of the best places that you can visit in Ontario is the 100 Islands Skydeck. This place is one of its kind, as it three observations deck that gives you a mind blowing view of 1000 Islands. Skydeck is a must visit location and indeed a place to remember, during this romantic journey of yours.

Other Attractions of Ontario:

Ontario is a lovely place to visit, which you must have come to know by now. But there are several more interesting places for you to visit. Some of them are:


  1. Black Creek Pioneer Village
  2. Centreville Amusement Park
  3. Canadian National Exhibition
  4. Toronto Zoo
  5. Ontario Place
  6. Royal Ontario Museum

Some Romantic Hotels of Ontario:

  1. Rosemount Inn
  2. The Briars
  3. Langdon Hall
  4. Lakewinds Country Manor circa 1881
  5. Wakefield Inn
  6. Egan Ridge Hotel & Spa
  7. Millcroft Inn $ Spa

Best Time to visit Ontario:

Ontario can be visited any time during the year. The Romantic Getaways in Ontario are open for your exploration, for the whole year. There are several seasonal getaways and destinations here, which you can pick out as per your preference. So, get ready for a real romantic trip to Ontario.

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