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Romantic Getaways in Nova Scotia - Attractions and Hotels

Nova Scotia is a place where you can have a lovely time with your special someone. If you are planning for a cozy vacation, Romantic Getaways in Nova Scotia are just the places that you and your sweetheart must visit.

With Halifax as its capital, this Canadian Province lies on the south-east coast of Canada. Nova Scotia is a delight to be in. Romantics can expect to have an exciting time at this beautiful province of Canada.

What to Expect at Nova Scotia:

Nova Scotia offers a warm hand to all its visitors. With its excellent hospitality you can expect other surprises at these Romantic Getaways in Nova Scotia. With excellent maritime experience, you and your significant someone can enjoy shopping, discover the cultural and historical heritage, and taste some lovely food. You can even spend lots of time with your loved one, watching the tides, exploring the historic sites, museums, art galleries, theatre, fortresses and beautiful vineyards.

Major Romantic Attractions in Nova Scotia:

  1. Alma Gardens: This is a beautiful place with spectacular gardens and greenhouses. One can feel the mush amidst the greenery at Alma Gardens with gazebo and duck ponds as added attraction.
  2. Advocate Harbor: The Place boasts of observation decks to look at the beauty of the harbor. It also has beautiful Parks and Gardens where you and your partner can relax. Advocate Harbor also has smooth freeways and highways and two attractive lighthouses.
  3. Cleveland Beach: It is one of the beaches of Halifax. This beach presents sandy coasts and is one of the best places for romantics to be in.
  4. Acadian House Museum/ L' Acadie de Chezzetcook: This museum is no ordinary one. It displays a lovely collection of local heritage. This museum also hosts special functions during the year.
  5. Arisaig Lighthouse: This is one of the most scenic places of Nova Scotia. It has a beautiful lighthouse, which is a replica of the old lighthouse which got destroyed in 1930's. Romantics are sure to have a lovely time here.
  6. Blomidon Inn Gardens: This is no ordinary garden. It spreads over 4 acres of land and has special themed gardens to be explored. With several beautiful and rare flowers like rose square with gazebo, horseshoe perennial, serpentine and so on, Blomidon Gardens also has collections of rocks as well as beautiful ponds. Just the place to be in for romantic couples to have a sweet time together.
  7. Burncoat Head Park: One of the prettiest places in Nova Scotia, this place welcomes you with a 3 acre park and a lighthouse. You can have a breathtaking view of the Cobequid Bay as well. Apart from the exquisite scenic wonder, Burncoat Head Park also has smooth walking trails for you to have a romantic scroll with your partner. This park is in fact world famous for its highest number of tides.
  8. Cape Breton Highlands National Park of Canada: This is a wonderful place for visitors who want to enjoy camping, golf activities, beaches, wildlife and many other exciting activities. The park shelters coastal areas of Northern Cape Breton and also the highlands, making this Nova Scotia place an attraction in true sense.

Other Attractions of Nova Scotia:

Romantic Getaways in Nova Scotia promises many more pleasures for lovers who choose to come here for a vacation. Nova Scotia has other excellent places and activities, which can convert your vacation into a memorable one. Some of the other attractions of this lovely province of Canada are:


  1. Burke- Gaffney Observatory
  2. Atlantic Playland
  3. Annapolis Royal Historic Gardens
  4. Action Jax Family Fun Park
  5. Casino Nova Scotia
  6. Hope For Wildlife
  7. Magic Valley Fun Park

Some Romantic Places to stay in Nova Scotia:

  1. DesBarres Manor Inn
  2. Oak Island Inn
  3. Surfside Inn
  4. River Valley Retreat
  5. Inn on the Lake
  6. Blomidon Inn

Best Weather to visit Nova Scotia:

One of the best times to visit Nova Scotia is during October. October welcomes you with its color of fall. The weather is a good one with not much cold to hamper your romantic trip. Romantic Getaways in Nova Scotia has the advantage of moderate climate and can be visited, any time during the year.

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