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Romantic Getaways in Newfoundland - Attractions and Hotels

Newfoundland is a beautiful place. This place is rich in culture and history. Romantic Getaways in Newfoundland offers breathtaking experience for lovers who come here. Previously this province of Canada was known as Newfoundland, though on December 6, 2001, it got a new official name, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Newfoundland is a place that offers several attractions to the romantic couples. Romantic Getaways in Newfoundland have an extravagant wealth of scenic beauty with icebergs, historic sites, flora and fauna, and so on.

What to expect at Newfoundland:

This Canadian province gives you several reasons to smile as you can find yourself enjoying the best adventure trips, romantic water rides and so on. You are sure to be awed by the beautiful icebergs. Exploring the wildlife can also be fun. Apart from all this, you can be a part of the festivals and events held here. There are parks for you to enjoy together with your partner. Not to forget the amazing trails where you can go for hiking.

Major Romantic Destinations of Newfoundland:

1. Argentina Backland Trails: It is a 16 kms long trail which offers mesmerizing view of Placentia Bay and the woodlands with wildlife.

2. Battle Historic National Historic District: This Battle Harbor is an interpretation centre. It offers boat rides.

3. Cape Bonavista Lighthouse: This lighthouse has rare apparatus which is lying here since the 19th century. It is said to be the most important light apparatus for seafarers. This Historic site also provides other attractive features such as icebergs, whales and so on.

4. National Park: There are three national parks, each providing memorable experiences. Couples can enjoy hiking at Gros Morne, can explore sub- arctic at Torrngat Mountains and view the forests at Terra Nova.

5. Hawke's Bay: The town of Hawke's Bay lies on the Torrent River and is a beautiful bay. You can engage in activities like fishing. This town also attracts romantic people to The Hogan trail & Natural Park.

Other Attractions of Newfoundland:

Newfoundland has a wealth of several attractions. Romantics can fulfill their wishes of traveling and exploring these exotic and Romantic Getaways in Newfoundland. With such a vast spread scenic landscape, Newfoundland also has artistic museums, historic sites, parks, wildlife, woods and so on to be explored. Along with this, couples can't miss the amazing experience of shopping and savoring the delicacies of this province. Some of the other attractions are:


  1. Signal Hill National Historic Site
  2. Port Au Choix
  3. Hawthorne Cottage
  4. Deer Lake
  5. Bonne Bay
  6. Ochre Lookout Tower

Romantic Hotels of Newfoundland:

  1. Rosedale Manor B&B
  2. Celtic Rendezvous Cottages
  3. Leaside Manor
  4. St. John's Hotels

Best time to visit Newfoundland:

The best time to visit Newfoundland is during July/ August. During this time, couples get a lot of opportunity to explore the province and enjoy hiking, whale watching, icebergs and so on. September may provide little less enjoyment, when the chances of seeing whales are remote.

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