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Romantic Getaways in New Brunswick - Attractions and Hotels

New Brunswick welcomes people to its lush green surroundings, inland lakes, rivers; mountain ranges to name a few. Romantic Getaways in New Brunswick attract people from all over the world. New Brunswick is a maritime province of Canada. It is famous for being the only bilingual constitutional province.

New Brunswick attracts couples for a romantic vacation. With its extravagant scenic beauty both on land and in water, this province is a favorite among honeymooners and couples of all ages.

What to expect at New Brunswick:

New Brunswick is known for its scenic rivers, coastal islands and its stunning wilderness. You can expect beauty all around this place. Romantic couples enjoy the avid outdoors, fishing grounds at the lakes and rivers, smooth roads for cycling, whale watching and so on.

With scenic extravaganza, New Brunswick offers maritime music, beautiful art galleries, antiques, craft studios, local pottery showrooms and many more. For the entertainment of its visitors, The Romantic Getaways in Brunswick present several activities like trapping lobsters, being a cowboy or a cowgirl, sports activities and so on.

Romantic attractions in New Brunswick:

Couples are not disappointed as they are showered with several romantic attractions here in New Brunswick. Some of the Romantic Getaways in New Brunswick are as follows:

  1. Romantic Train Journey: Begin your memorable tour with your loved one by taking a train from Montreal to New Brunswick. This journey is a beautiful one with lush green farmlands and forest views which you can enjoy through the window of the train.
  2. St. Andrews: This small village is a beautiful place that lies by the sea side.
  3. Watching Wales: Watching various varieties of whales is a fun act for lovers. These cute creatures are amazing to watch by sea side of St. Andrews.
  4. Kingsbrae garden: This is a garden filled with the fragrance of various flowers. This garden has over 50,000 flowers, trees and shrubs. Kingsbrae garden lies near St. Andrews.
  5. The Quoddy Loop: Chocolates are usual favorites among lovers. So, check out this place which is known as "Canada's Chocolate Town". The chocolate museum here displays several historic chocolate boxes, modern chocolates, antique candy making machines and so on.
  6. Roosevelt's Cottage: At Campobello, Romantic couples can visit the Roosevelt house which was purchased by Sara Roosevelt and had sheltered Franklin Roosevelt, President of United States. This cottage is an architectural wonder depicting American Colonial trends.
  7. St. George Waterfall: It's indeed a good idea to visit St. George waterfall and feel the mush.

Other Attractions of New Brunswick:

Other interesting locations to be explored by couples are:


  1. Saint John City Market
  2. Imperiel Theatre
  3. Fundy National Park
  4. Magic Mountain Water Park
  5. The Rocks Provincial Park

Romantic Hotels in New Brunswick :

  1. Fairmont Aloqonquin
  2. Hotel Paulin
  3. The Great George
  4. Ville De Shippagan
  5. Hyatt Regency

Best time to visit New Brunswick:

Romantic Getaways in New Brunswick can be visited anytime during the year. People usually prefer coming to New Brunswick during summers. Autumn is the best season when this bilingual province is at its best. It is not so comfortable to travel, during winters to this place.

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