Romantic Getaways in Manitoba - Attractions and Hotels

Manitoba is the easternmost province of Prairie provinces. It lies in the central part of Canada. Romantic Getaways in Manitoba spoils you and your loved one for romantic choices. Manitoba is the perfect location where you can think of spending an amazing time with your loved one. Romantic Getaways in Manitoba re-kindles the lost spark in your relation. Manitoba proves to be a perfect romantic place for you to cuddle with your partner.

What to expect at Manitoba:

Manitoba gives an out of the world experience for couples of all ages. With several lakes to enjoy, good restaurants offering mouthwatering food, beautiful parks, clear water rivers, Romantic Getaways in Manitoba offers much more than you can expect.

Romantic Getaways in Manitoba help you to have a cozy time together with your partner. You can even gift your sweetheart with a pampering spa treatment. Manitoba has lot of romantic surprises to offer to true lovers, to dream of a beautiful and romantic holiday. What can be more pleasing than a walk through the backwoods of Manitoba with your partner.

Major Romantic Attractions of Manitoba:

  1. Fishing by the lake side: Manitoba has 100,000 lakes with excellent fishing experience. Fishing is not just fun but also one of the best things to do, when at Manitoba with your partner.
  2. Whiteshell Provincial Park: Winter weekend is the best time to cuddle at the Whiteshell Provincial Park. It attracts lovers with horse rides, hot tubbing, nordiac skiing and many more.
  3. Riding Mountain National Park: Walking hand-in-hand through the woodlands near Riding Mountain Park can be the best feeling couples get in this journey to Manitoba. To add on to this amazing feeling, wildlife too plays a major role. Couples can watch moose, deer, elk, bears, beavers and so on in this National Park.
  4. Paddlewheel riverboats in Winnipeg: Paddlewheel riverboats in Winnipeg present a perfect atmosphere for lovers. The Moonlight Dance Cruise and the Sunset Dance Cruise adds on to the intoxicating experience of being in love.
  5. Gimli Yacht Club is one of the best places to enjoy your love. Manitoba is known as the "sailing paradise" and this town offers sailing lessons. Couples can also enjoy water sports and participate in banquets, as well as other social events.

Other Attractions of Manitoba: Manitoba as a place has other attractions too that can be explored by romantic couples. Some of these are:


  1. Manitoba Planetarium
  2. Kings Park
  3. Portage Place Cinema
  4. Assiniboine Park
  5. Birds Hill Provincial Park

Some Romantic Hotels of Manitoba:

  1. Holiday Inn Hotel
  2. Fort Garry Hotel
  3. Big Whiteshell Lodge
  4. Country Charm Resort
  5. Parkland Ranch

Best Time to visit Manitoba:
The best time to visit Manitoba is during winters. Cool winters help lovers enjoy their intimacy by visiting these amazing Romantic Getaways in Manitoba. Snowy weather further makes the romantic holiday a memorable one.

How to Reach Manitoba:
Traveling in Manitoba is simple as it is very well connected by railways and buses. Winnipeg Armstrong Richardson International Airport connects Manitoba with major airports worldwide.

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