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Romantic Getaways in British Columbia , Canada - Attractions and Hotels

British Columbia is famous for its natural beauty. Romantic Getaways in British Columbia attract several honeymooners and couples to enjoy the beauty of this province of Canada. Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. Vancouver is the third largest city of British Columbia. Romantic Getaways in British Columbia have much more to offer than just scenic beauty to honest lovers.

What to expect at British Columbia:

British Columbia offers one of the best romantic experiences. You can expect several romantic moments amidst the intimate surroundings of British Columbia. Romantic Getaways in British Columbia include exciting trips to romantic locations, enjoying the beach, having fun in the woods, dining, comforting spas, dancing and many more to add spice to your romantic life.

Major Romantic Destinations of British Columbia:

Some of the major romantic destinations of British Columbia turn your dream of a perfect romantic holiday into a reality. Explore some of these exotic romantic experiences in British Columbia as below.

  1. Romantic Experience at Vancouver: With an urban flavor, this city touches your heart with its lovely beaches and shores. Vancouver gives you a cosmopolitan atmosphere. Lovers are mesmerized by the natural beauty of this vibrant city. Romantic couples have lovely dinners at the best restaurants; enjoy an amazing nightlife with their loved one.
  2. Jazz at its best: Vancouver offers best Jazz music to make the lover's stay a memorable one.
  3. Malahat, Vancouver Island: The mesmerizing feel of being on the top of the world, comes true in some way when you are with your loved one at the top of the mountain.
  4. Okangan Valley: This valley is located 5 hours to the east of Vancouver and is known as the wine region. It attracts romantic couples to beautiful blue- green lakes, cherry orchards and Ski Mountains.
  5. Sea Romance: What's best than spending a romantic time with your loved one at the sea. Christmas further adds color to your romantic stay at Vancouver. December marks the finest celebration of Christmas at the sea with decorations, romantic dinners and carolers singing their heart out.

Other Attractions of British Columbia:
British Columbia is a preferred destination for tourists. British Columbia has 35 marine parks, 6 National Historic Sites, 7 Provincial Heritage, 3 National Park Reserves, and 4 National Parks and so on. With several tourist locations as these, couples can have a vivid experience of staying in British Columbia.

Some Romantic Hotels of British Columbia:

  1. Opus Hotel Vancouver
  2. Harrison Hot Springs Resort and Spa
  3. Poets Cove Resort and Spa
  4. Abiqail's Hotel
  5. Bighorn Meadows Resort

Best time to visit British Columbia:
Romantic Getaways in British Columbia are best enjoyed during summers. Summers include arts of all kind, music, water sports, outdoor attractions, shopping etc to add to your romantic vacation in British Columbia.

There is more fun to add to your kitty with your loved one by your side. So why not visit British Columbia and feel the romance that Romantic Getaways in British Columbia provide.

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