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Romantic Getaways in Australia

Australia is bound to take your breath away. From winding ways to adventure sports, romantic getaways in Australia are at bounty. Sydney's Harbour Bridge and Opera House are the two must see attractions of Australia.

Romantic getaways in Australia will totally make you lose your senses. You would find plenty of places here to relax and unwind at the romantic retreats of Australia. The idyllic setting will uplift your mood and are perfect for honeymoon couples.

A large number of tour operators will plan and offer you the best deal for your romantic stay in Australia. Choose from a vast range of luxury lodge or boutique hotels sprawling all over the country.

Romantic Getaway Plan for Australia


Ignite your romance a bit by planning a stay overnight in a luxury yacht. Hire a private yacht and add a little more magic to your love. A stay overnight for two on the Sydney Harbor will enhance the interlude of your romance. Begin the journey with a glass on champagne, most of the package tour operators serve it as complimentary. Place your eyes over the lights of the city and enjoy the quietness of the night together. The cool breeze and the sail down the sea will take your breath away. Mouthwatering sea food dinner is served in candlelight, and the most amazing part of it is, the food is cooked on board according to your taste. You may choose from a range of crab, lobster, salt and pepper squid and oysters as per your taste. You can take a plunge in the sea for swimming, but all that during the day time. Relax on the deck with some Australian beer and listen to some great music during the sail. Get yourself totally revitalized, refreshed and relaxed as you head back home. Spoil your love a bit by planning this special romantic getaway in Australia trip.

Don't miss the overnight stay at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Adventure sports is at it best here. Indulge into scuba diving and snorkeling and get a feel of the underwater wild life. These sites are not frequently visited by tourists and you would have ample privacy to get cozy with your partner. If you are not that adventurous type and don't want to experience the thrill of snorkeling and scuba diving simply board yourself on the deck and get engrossed in the placid beauty of the Great Barrier Reef. The very friendly and helpful crew will always be at your service taking care of all your needs. They will do it all that it takes to give you a special care and make your trip the most memorable one.

Your romantic getaway to Australia remains incomplete without the romantic Balinese indulgence. A walk down the outer 'Sala' through the lantern lit walk way will make your stay memorable in Balinese. The resort beckons amidst the tropical garden also offering you a breathtaking view of the waterfalls. Spend a night with the love of your life while the music of the wild soothes you.