Romantic Getaways in Asia

Asia has been a major tourists' attraction of the world. The mystic blend of nature wedding tranquility swings your mood to be romantic all the time. Eastern & Oriental culture is a paradise on earth.

Singapore: One slice of paradise on earth! That's what Singapore is. Both for young and old, Singapore is perfect for a romantic vacation in Asia. The peaceful ambience around the nooks and corners will give you the perfect set of mind to fall in love again. There are a couple of romantic hidden places in Singapore, which are a must visit for all the couples. Fort Canning with its age old tradition of being one of the most romantic places of Singapore is truly heaven for those in love. This city park looks exotically green and offers ample seclusion in the middle of the hustle bustle of a city life. The next stop over at Singapore must be the cable car ride to Sentosa. The cable car connects Mount Faber to Sentosa Island. Make it lavish by dinning with some wine while you hang from one mountain to another. It just can't get any better than just the two of you, around 70 m high above the sea and no one to bug. There is more for the sea loves in Singapore. East Coast Park with its pristine beaches is a perfect place to unwind.

You would fall in love with the nature the moment you step into the Halong Bay. With 1969 lime stone islands, Halong Bay in Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places of the world. You can walk on the sea and you would be greeted by these magnificent limestone peaks rising stunningly out of the emerald green waters. On a few of these islands you would find floating villages of fishermen. You may sit for hours observing over 200 species of fish and 450 different kinds of mollusks.

If you are traveling to cover romantic getaways in Asia, a travel to India is a must. India is a land of mixed culture, placid mountains, arid desert, most relaxing beaches, stimulating forests and the monument of love - Taj Mahal. The city of Agra is famous all over the world for housing the Taj Mahal. Just a few hours drive from Delhi, the capital city of India, you would witness this world renowned architectural marvel. The Kodagu region located in Karnataka would allure your heart with its picturesque greenery and rolling mountains. The region is not only famous for its captivating beauty but also for the coffee plantations. Visit to Rajasthan is a must if you are in India. Jaisalmer, the city of golden palace looks like straight out of the pages of Arabian Nights. One a trade route to to Egypt, Arabia, Persia, Africa and the Western countries from India, Jaisalmer is spellbinding.