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Best Romantic Getaways Worldwide

Romantic getaways make a great choice of romantic gifts and are ideal for a quick hide out from the bustling contemporary life. A getaway is somewhat like a break that makes the perfect choice for stealing out some moments of togetherness and capturing moments of love. A getaway if planned properly can become ultra romantic as it offers to be a sweet surprise. Relaxation and full entertainment are the main driving force of such a getaway. A romantic getaway often turns out to be the most cherished vacation as these are the best times to shower your beloved with love and romance.

 If we are talking about romance and romantic getaways then definitely we can not afford to miss Europe. The ultra romantic destination, a trip to this part of the world is sure to lead you to the world of romance. Be it Rome, Milan or the most romantic city, as it is fondly called, Paris a getaway to such destinations is sure to be an enthralling experience of a kind. A visit to the most romantic part of the globe can never fail to ignite the flame of romance within you.

Beaches and hillsides have been always great and popular choices of romantic getaways. These have sought to become favorite destinations of romance as they always have triggered thoughts of romance and love. Beaches have been always associated with romance and it is one of the most popular romantic getaway destinations.

What best can exemplify romance? Other than taking a stroll by the seaside hand in hand and enjoying the sunset view. Relaxing in the sun kissed golden beaches and enjoying the thrashing of the cool waves truly makes a statement of romance.

Hillsides and mountains has been another top choice of the couples for enjoying a romantic getaway. Get cozy and intimate and share the moments of romance whilst enjoying the chilly weather. The snow topped view of the mountains and spectacular sights of nature truly makes a romantic statement. Enjoy each and every moment of your togetherness and love under the comforts of the warm blanket. A view of the hill sides and mountains is popularly believed to re kindle the thoughts of romance.

Popular Romantic Getaways

While picking up a destination for a romantic getaway, you are surely going to be spoilt for choices. Let's take a look at some of the famous romantic getaways:

West Coast
Your next holiday you can be at the West Coast to enjoy a romantic getaways. The most exciting resorts with beaches are available at West Coast. The West Coast is an ideal place for scenic beauty with the right lifestyle. Here you can find mountains covered with fogs, the landscape of the desert, vineyards drenched in sun, the beaches and the forest becomes the main attraction for a holiday. The city is best known for the art, literature and culture.

Great spa, the dining delight and the oceanic view comprises the romantic getaway in Portugal. There are various places and resorts where you can stay to enjoy Portugal.

Here you can stay and enjoy the sun. The beaches will be a treat to you. The sea food at Portugal can never be forgotten by you. You can also go for a under water journey to see the marine life. Portugal is situated along the Atlantic coastline. This place is rich in marine life. The walk at the olive groves and the fields of golden wheat at Portugal will make the Romantic Getaways more memorable.

You can run away with your loved one to Italy to reward yourself with a time which you will never forget. One hour away from Italy is a place called Lake Como. This place is situated along the lake. This place was built in the year 1568 for the aristocrats and history says that English Queens had also spent their holiday here. The lakeside romantic place has all facilities like super dining, exclusive spa, and natural scenic beauty across the lake. You will get luxurious hotels and resorts to cater to your needs. The best time to visit this place is between March and November.

If water attracts you and you want to spend a stylish holiday then you must visit Maldives. Your next romantic holiday should be spent at Maldives. You have various luxurious resorts to make your holiday the most memorable one. You can go for scuba diving. The deep blue ocean and the coral reef will give you memories to cherish. Here you can pamper yourself while you watch the marine life. Here we have bungalows over-water to make your holiday more relaxing. Here at Maldives you will find villas with private beach.

The next holiday you can be Texas to gift your self the best time. Texas offers the best of time and if you are out with your loved ones then you will want to visit the place again and again. The things which Texas will offer are:

1. Oceanfront romantic suites

2. Lakefront romantic suites

3. Luxurious lakefront home

4. Town home at water front

5. Beach houses

6. Cabins at country side

All these and more are available for you at Texas. Here at Texas you can visit attractions at Austin, Houston and Dallas. There are various museums which you can visit.

Along the beautiful coastline of Tasmania you can visit Australia. This place is one of the best Romantic Getaways. There are beach camps arranged for visitors. The main attraction of this place is kayak rides. You can enjoy the deep blue ocean, the various water sports and relax at the lodge after having the most delicious cuisine. You can take a twin share room. The rooms of the hotels at Australia have timber floors, canvas roofs and kitchen too. Try to eat the local food to enjoy Australia. There is a walk arranged from the Cradle Huts office. This holiday Australia will leave you with fond memories.

If nature beholds itself and you can watch the sun’s ray singing to its glory then you must be at Phuket. If you want to spend a romantic time with your loved one then you can visit Phuket. The sun set at Phuket puts the sky on fire. Water sports, boat trips, hotel accommodation, limestone scenery and colonial heritage can be enjoyed with your beloved here. This place is famous for its shopping centers too. This place is a commercialized island of Thailand. The pubs and disco at Phuket are famous for its music and drink. So the wait to find the most romantic place for a holiday is over. Visit Phuket, enjoy life.

You can plan romantic getaways in Europe. This place has been the most romantic place since ages. The couple can get favorable offers at various hotels, small trips, museums, shopping centers and eating joints. To make the trip most memorable you can stay at any Italian or French or Scottish or Irish or Swiss or Austrian countryside. Even you can stay in the cities of London or Paris. Enjoy and relax at the spa in Europe. Visit the historical places to be a part of history. If you are at Europe then don’t miss a chance to visit Switzerland.

You can plan to visit India with your beloved. There are different places which you may visit to make your trip memorable. Goa, situated in west India is a very romantic place. The sea along with the mountain range makes the place more enjoyable. In north India you may plan a short visit in Rajasthan. You can stay at the palaces of the kings which are more than 100 years old. Visit one the wonders of the world, Taj Mahal at Agra. Delhi, the capital of India has various tourist spots which you can enjoy.

Watch the vibrating Niagara Falls at Canada with your beloved. This place is just ideal for a romantic getaway. The places you may visit here are:

  1. The city of Toronto
  2. British Columbia
  3. Banff National Park






Cool blue waters and lush greenery welcomes you at Mauritius, which is considered to be one of the exotic places of interest and especially for a getaway. The place itself is so romantic that it is bound to excite you and fill with romanticism.






A trip to Bahamas is sure to sail you through a pool of romance. With over 700 islands filled with places of interest and a vibrant night life, this one is sure to enchant you with its charms. Savor on the delicacies, be a part of their dance and music shows and enjoy every moment of your romantic getaway.

Best 10 Romantic Getaways


1.Paris (France) – One of the dream European destinations is Paris. Take your beloved on a romantic trip to France and explore the pristine attractions. Paris is the city of paradisiacal streets, gorgeous cafes, delicious wines and mouth watering desserts. You would simply fall in love with this favorite romantic getaway spot. Feel the aroma of love and cuddle with your partner to experience the most romantic times of your lifetime. The French people are very friendly and passionate – you would definitely like to gel with them during the weekend nightclubs. The best star accommodation you can opt for is the Jolly Hotel Lotti.

2. Lisbon (Portugal) – Your search for country side beauty would surely come to an end when you reach Lisbon. This is one of the most amazing destinations for romantic vacation. The scenic beauty of Portugal would take you back to the 18th century architectural creations.

Enjoy long walkways by holding hands and embracing each other to explore this incredible spot of top 10 romantic getaways. Spend your time relaxing and discover the winding streets of Lisbon. One of the best hotels in Lisbon is the Britania Hotel which offers all the star facilities.

3. Nadi (Fiji) – Among all the other prime getaways for romance – Fiji would impress you the most if, you love beaches. The azure beaches with golden sand would take you on a breathtaking experience. You can indulge into lot of water sport activities to make your passionate hideaway an adventure trip. Try out boating, scuba diving and enjoy the shopping the duty free store.

One of the best accommodations to experience luxury and comfort is the Warwick Fiji Hotel. Plan your trip to Fiji and don’t miss the pristine location of Nadi.

4. San Francisco (California) – From incredible sightseeing spots, numerous shopping destinations to architectural magnificence – San Fran brings the best of all. One of the most happening cities of California is also, one of the top ten honeymoon spots.

Exploring the marvelous streets only would turn your evening romantic. The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the very nice places to visit in San Francisco. For a luxurious and comfortable stay you can opt for Ritz Carlton which is the best hotel in this region.

5. Athens (Greece) – This is another European destination that would sweep your heart with its beauty and splendor. Discover the exotic beaches, fantastic restaurants and historical monuments on your tour to Greece.

Athens is full of surprises and you would definitely fall in love with the serene atmosphere. Get your suite booked in one of the top star hotels in Athens. Hotel Rio Athens is the best option if, you are looking out for some relaxing and intimate moments in Greece.

6. Montebello (Quebec) – You can feel the tinge of France while you step into Montebello. You can indulge into lot of outdoor sports activities and feel the fresh air. This is the perfect location for couples you love adventure.

Among all the incredible places in Quebec; Fairmount Chateau Montebello is not to be missed. It is known for the largest log cabin in the world. Turn your romantic hideaway into the most memorable trips of your life.

7. New York City (New York) – You would simply feel WOW! New York is the right spot for the couples who are looking forward to some excitement and thrill. You would be spellbound to visit the large shopping malls, Broadway shows and nightclubs in New York City.

This place is a perfect example for a combination of classical and contemporary attractions. Take your darling on the carriage ride through the Central Park and make your stay in the marvelous hotels of New York. Bejamin is one of the top accommodations in New York.

8. Nassau (The Bahamas) – Awesome is the right word when it comes to describe the Bahamas. While you are heading to Nassau, be prepared to explore the amazing beaches, beautiful sunshine and warm sea breezes.

The palm trees and perfect relaxing weather, makes this spot one of the top 10 romantic getaways. Make your stay in the plushest hotel of Nassua by getting the suite booked in the Harborside Resort at Atlantis.

9. Florence (Italy) – Historical heritage buildings, serene countryside and architectural monuments are just few to mention in Florence. Take your beloved to explore this beautiful place in Europe and turn the vacation into a memorable trip.

You can taste the scrumptious meals and delectable wines on your visit to Italy. One of the finest hotels to get the luxurious services is the Hotel Kraft in Florence.

10. Bora Bora (French Polynesia) – When you think of fun and adventure – Bora Bora pops up in your mind. On your tropical getaways for honeymoon you would like to visit this incredible destination of French Polynesia.

Turn your trip more exotic by getting your accommodations booked in the finest hotels of Bora Bora. Hotel Bora Bora is the best option to experience comfort and luxury.

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