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Best Food Items To Ignite Your Passion

It's a widely accepted fact that to reignite the passions, romantic gifts and romantic getaways are of great help. Interestingly, there are aphrodisiac foods that are popularly called food for passion. It's scientifically proven that some foods and drinks enhances 'love and romance'. Intake of these aphrodisiac foods requires complete concentration and relaxation. Fire up your love life and cook food with all the passion to make your love life amazingly superb. Here's a wide selection of top quality foods for you to enjoy the company of your partner on the boudoir.

White and brown, whatever is the color of chocolates, they are the antidote for love-sick hearts. Chocolates are feel good food and its proven with the fact that they have three stimulants including caffeine, which heightens the sense perception and sensual awareness. Its chemicals effect the neurotransmitters in the brain. Escalate the romance to its prime by combining red wine with chocolates.

Champagne increases the desire and stimulates like all the other alcoholic beverages like mojito, wine, run and beer.

Garlic, Onion and Ginger:
They have a pronounced aphrodisiac effect and tonic to enhance intimacy between the two.

Intake of fresh fruit juices twice a day and food like cereals, vegetable, fruits, milk, honey etc is a key to live a healthy life which in turn helps in a better stimulation. Avoid smoking, excessive intake of alcohol, packed and denatured foods.

Asparagus is enjoyed as an aphrodisiac food. For its maximum effects consume boiled and steamed asparagus for a sensuous experience of a lifetime. .

Almonds are considered the symbol of fertility. Its aroma induces passions of love. Consume it as a paste after the dinner to maximize its effect.

Banana is a fruit rich in potassium and B vitamins, necessary for the production of the sex hormones. Its rich with sweetener and fruit sugar that increases your stamina.

Appropriate for the summer love, Strawberries are always considered food for love. It maintains healthy cell structures and good to stir up the passions.

Hot and spicy, Red chillies plays a cupid for a night of romantic passions. It stimulates the blood vessels and in turn its helps you get warmed up.