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If you are in love with someone and you want to know, whether both of you are compatible with each other or not, then try our Love calculator.

Sometimes, you may be having a strenuous relationship with the person you love and you may contemplate a breakup. Or, you may not know whether your relationship with another person may work the way you want.

To solve this puzzle, you can use our love calculator, though our love meter never claims to be accurate everytime, but who knows, it turns out to be lucky in your case. So, try your luck on our love meter.


Love Calculator


Love Calculator Analysis

The results obtained using free love meter have certain implications for your love life. Given below are the love meter results and their indications.

The relationship might work, but chances are very slim. You can turn it into a successful relationship but you both will have to work hard on it. It’s the time for action and not to sit back and think that everything will fall in place. If no efforts are made most likely it will not work out the way you want it to be.

Spend as much time as possible with each other, talk more and share your feelings but at the same time you may keep it in mind that the relationship might not work out at all since the love 0compatibility quotient is almost ‘zero’. You must be ready to move on if things don’t work in your favor.

20 - 30%: You are the classic example of the phrase ‘opposite attracts’. You two are very different in your ways. Whatever you do or think will contradict that of the other. But it only strengthens the attraction between you. You have the right kind of feeling for each other but at the same time have to work hard on eliminating the differences if it’s affecting your relation. Hence, you need to spend more time at each other’s company understanding each other’s views.

30 - 40%: The chances for a successful relationship between you and your partner are not very great. But it doesn’t mean it is a hopeless situation either. There is a fair amount of chance to turn your existing relation into a successful one if you two really want. But it may also demand you to make some sacrifices. Try to give priority to each other, spend quality time together. However, to be on the safe side you may also be ready to accept a failure. Since the compatibility quotient is low the relationship might not click between you two despite your best efforts.

40 - 50%: Things will not be smooth for you two through out. There will be moments of uncertainties and insecurities. Although you both have feelings for each other you also have to work hard on it to make it work. Things can get emotionally straining in due course but you may lose if you give up without trying. There is an underlying current between you two, which will keep you together even during the most difficult moments. So, don’t stop trying.

50 - 60%: You two are fairly compatible to each other and have more than a 50-50 chance to make the relationship successful. You two get along very well and there will hardly be any arguments and differences. If things remain like this you will soon find yourselves exchanging vows to each other. Carry on like this and good luck!

60 - 70%: Your love compatibility quotient shows that there is a fair amount of possibilities for the relationship to work out. There is a certain amount of understanding between you, which will help you take the relation to the next level. But there are also chances for the relation not to work out as well. There will be both good and bad times in the relation and if at any moment you feel that it is not working the way you want it, talk to the person involved immediately to sort the matters out. Spend more time with at each other’s company and also interact more to learn about each other’s liking and disliking.

However, you have faired than most of the couples and would be couples and therefore can have a happy relation with your present partner. Only you need more time to turn it into a successful relation. But at the same time you should be open to take a call if things start to go downhill.

70 - 80%: Congratulations! You have scored pretty high on the love scale you have a very good chance to make your relationship successful. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to work hard to make it happen. You need to remember that even a long standing relationship needs constant efforts from both parties to keep it going. Hence, give more time to each other. You two are perfect lovebirds and truly love each other. So don’t hesitate to show your feelings.

80 - 100%: You two are made for each other. So, look no further. You have met your dream partner already. Your love quotient shows that your match is made in heaven and you’re destined to have a very successful relation together. The coming years of togetherness will be full of love and happiness. You two are going to be a very hot couple and also a reason of envy for many.

This tool are useful for those who wish to find out how much their partners or crushes loves them. Such tools also help in finding the ideal celebrity love match for you. They also help you find out if you have chosen the right partner and whether you should proceed further in this relationship.

However, you should not break a relationship just because the love calculator results are not as good as you expect it to be. This is because the love meter results may not be accurate always, as your behavior and attitude will change from time to time. You just can’t include these factors while using calculators to Test your Compatibility with your partner. So, it is advisable that you use the love calculator result as a guideline and avoid taking decisions about your relationship based on the result. What’s important is to understand your partner and communicate so as to resolve issues between the two of you.

How the Love Meter Works

The love calculator works by calculating a special value which it extracts from your name and then matches it with that of your partner's.


The results are shown in the form of percentages, and there are various levels depicting the love compatibility between the two individuals, the love meter application is meant for trying out your luck, the results be it good or bad should be taken in a light way.


Always remember it is your heart which is the best love meter, it is above everything, so tread on the path of love with self-belief and celebrate your love.

How Safe it is to Use?


This application is meant for entertainment only. This love application has no intention to hurt the user's sentiments. So, just play along!!!


Key in your lover's and your name and check out the compatibility. Ofcourse this is not a measure of how much you love your partner but just a small application to determine the level of compatibility between the two of you. So, just relax and start typing the names and check out what our love meter has to say about the love compatibility.

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