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Love Advice for Women

Are you confused and nervous about the relationship problems? Dating can be little tricky if you are going out for the first time. Here are the answers to all your queries. Try the simple and easy love advice for women and experience a lasting relationship with your sweetheart.

You would also encounter issues after breakup - how to deal after a hurtful spilt? Get the different relationship advices for women in love.

Guide on approaching a Guy

You are beautiful but when it comes to approaching a guy for date you refrain yourself. You don't the reason but hesitation creeps into you. It is very important for you to understand that you are like any other girl. Confidence is very essential for within. You should feel pretty from inside and smart to impress a guy.

Dress in an impressive style, don't be over dresses and look synthetic. You should understand that your outfit would speak a lot about your personality.

Shun those negative thought from your mind that you 'cannot'. Think positive and just move by the flow of the situation. Being nervous can mess up everything. You should be nervous because you seriously care about the guy and not any other reason. Frame your mind that you can start the talks like with your friends and family. Remember that the guy is human and hence, never block yourself by saying - "He is too good for me".

And lastly, the best love advice for women is that you should feel like a prized possession. If your approach doesn't turn out to be positive then he is the looser and not you. So, go baby and spill your charm!

First Date Advice for Women

You have not dates anyone in years and are very confused on how to move on your first date with this guy? A very common fear creeps in everybody's mind - "what would I do if I freeze and don't have anything to say?"

It's always worthy to prepare for the date and keep the conversation simple and flowing. Icebreaking can be little tricky and for this you juts can start the talks with regular query like - 'How was your day?'; 'What do you do on weekends?' or 'How was your journey here?' With the answers you form a chain and here it goes.

Take some time and put some effort for getting dressed. Groom yourself but, don't be over and above. Plunging neckline or other distractive outfits can spoil your date. Look smart and presentable.

The best love advice for women is not to be too intimate on your first date. Try to know each other and move slowing in your relationship.

Breakup Advice for Her

You seriously loved him but he never cared - breakup problems can leave you heart broken. It is the most unfortunate period in your life and you seriously need some healing time. Most of the women try immediately get into another relationship. This is a very wrong approach. Give yourself some time and get in touch with old friends whom you haven't met in years.

You can be busy by doing some charity work, exercising, professional therapy and working on your diet. The best method to stay happy after breakup is by not thinking or brooding over the past.