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Crush Advice

Crushes come and speed by, before even you realize them. When you have a crush you tend to experience a different set of feelings. Some special crush feeling include excessive day dreaming, tingling sensation, heart racing without any reason or rhyme and weaving endless fantasies.

Crush advice reminds you time and again that crush is usually in one direction and a temporary phase. Before even knowing a person, you tend to start dating, going out with each other and spending most intimate moments with them all in your dreams and fantasies.

But yet, another set of crush advice do exists.... if you are bold enough....to approach the person for a date.. without knowing whether he or she feels the same for you. If interested they could respond positively. Whats the harm in trying anyway.... One rejection leads to further garnering of strength to muster up courage on the next crush.

Be prepared for any eventualities, your wish may be granted and you may have fallen in love or may be nursing a sore wound. Whatever it is, learn to take in a day as it comes and relax. Thinking rationally at such time is difficult but yet after thoroughly analyzing the person, you may realize may he or she is not what you imagined. Thus your crush was just a passing temporary phase which will eventually wear out.

Crush advice in relationship is to be extra careful and be cautioned, especially if you have a crush on a friend or co worker. Tread carefully with these people as you do not entirely want to break your ties with them, yet your heart gets romantically linked with them.....you are pretty helpless at this juncture.

Patience is virtue and it certainly pays.... thats the best crush advice you can ever get. Crush advice for kids tell them to take it deep breathes and approach your crush in a gentle yet intelligent manner that they simply cant refuse to go out with or spend some time with you.

That's when I knew...it was a crush. I had all the familiar symptoms: racing heartbeat, inability to focus, a tingling in my groin, lightheadedness and rampant fantasising. I didn't know the first thing about this woman or what she's like, and already in my mind we're going out.


According to Beverly Palmer, a clinical psychologist at California State University, "a crush is bred on lack of knowledge. It's driven by unrequited love and that unrequitedness, that secrecy, keeps it fueled."

When you have a crush, it's important to remember that it is just a fantasy. That way you can enjoy it for what it is - a pleasant diversion. You may be thinking love, but in reality it's more likely to be lust that's fueling your crush. And if you get too enmeshed in the crush, and can't distinguish fantasy from reality, you might be headed for heart break.

A crush can be very unsatisfying. It could end up as unrequited love. Or if you act on your crush and start pursuing the object of your desire, you might find that the actual person can't live up to the perfect image of that person you have put up on a pedestal in your mind.

So if you do decide to act on your crush keep an open mind. The object of your crush probably won't be the person you imagined them to be. But they might be an exciting proposition nonetheless.

And if you decide not to approach your crushee, just revel in the fantasy. A crush will certainly make your life more interesting. The prospect of a chance encounter makes the senses tingle.

First of all, you need to really let this concept sink into your head: it doesn't matter whether or not she likes you. You can MAKE her like to as much or as little as YOU want. This is the rule of women.

Men make this mistake all the time - they want to use their own beliefs about attraction (for themselves) as the yardstick by which to measure women. That's not reasonable as women are very different creatures from you and me.

I'm sure you'd agree that women's hair, skin, smell, voice, etc. are all different from us, right? So too with the way they become attracted to men.

What her flirting is doing is to open the door for you. She's in effect saying, "Ok, I'm willing to let you make me interested in you." Now, it's your job to build the attraction.

That's the way it is, so do you just want to know that she's already attracted to you, or do you want to know how to MAKE her attracted to you? These are very different things and I hope you never worry about the former question again.

So, how do you make her attracted to you? Not in the same way she makes you attracted to her! She has to be friendly, flirty, cute and engaging. You don't have to be any of these things. Instead, you have to simply be "masculine".

I like to use an example of what this means in order to give you a better picture of it. Imagine James Bond for a moment. Now, we'd agree that this character is "suave" and "polished", but that's not what I'm talking about here. Instead, imagine how he'd handle this situation.

First, he wouldn't worry about whether or not the woman is attracted to him simply because he knows it doesn't matter. Instead, he'd do what you're going to do: he'd just tell her to give him her number and to be ready to go out on a date! It's that simple!

Women react positively to our strength and negatively to our weakness. I know you've heard stories of the girls that "fall in love" with the underdog, but that's not reality. It's something made up by other underdogs to give them hope. In the rare instance women do become involved with these guys it usually doesn't last as they get bored very quickly and go off to find someone more powerful.

Thus, that is where you want to be!

The very next time you see her, I want you to look her right in the eye and say, "You know, I like your laugh. Give me your phone number and I'll call you so I can get to know the girl behind it a little better." Then, hand her a piece of paper and pen.

Trust me, it's really that easy!