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Break Up Advice

Break up advice is given when one needs to break up a relationship. Break up advice generally advises a partner to gently break up in order to avoid bitter feelings or guilt feelings towards each other.


People tend to ask for break up advice from friends and families. It is important to consider all angles of the relationship before making the final decision. Such decisions have to be taken solely and nobody else can be blamed or credited for same.

First of all, break up advice for boyfriends entails the boys to be honest and straightforward. Their friends can be told in direct and gentle way about the ending of the relationship. At the same time, boys can hint whether they can be just friends or not in the future in case they meet again.

No hidden ideas or views should be harbored at the same time. It make sense to give a true and valid reason of ending the romantic relationship.

Breakup advice for girlfriends entails them to be honest and direct with their boyfriends citing the reasons for breakup. Whether they can continue as friends or not should be clearly disclosed at this moment itself.

Heres, how to break up advice actually.....once decided on breaking a romantic relationship, meet your friend alone and gently put forth your views about the relationship.

Be very patient and relaxed at the same time, to handle any emotional outburst from your partner. It makes sense to listen to your other partner out fully and letting the bitterness flow out as you can come out more clean and fresher out from the relationship.

Trust your feelings and your decision at those very moments and try to have gentle and decent breakup. Try your level best to minimize ill feelings and grudges towards each other, keeping in mind that you both have to move ahead in life and start afresh.

Break up advice can always guide you through .... but the ultimate hard task of breaking up has to be taken by you alone. As the task of break up is hard and difficult task one can always take the aid of break up poems, break up songs, break up quotes, break up ecards..... but yet meeting your friend personally and breaking up the relationship is the best way out.